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Chromium Dioxide (Fanzine)
Issue #3 (Book Review)
January 2010
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve been looking for some Metal reading. Something to fill the void after Canada’s BW&BK magazine folded. Maybe something a little less corporate, a little more fun…and lo and behold my salvation has arrived. Chromium Dioxide is the creation of a couple of full-on Metal dudes from Toronto, Canada.

Let’s get some of the technical detail out of the way. This fanzine is presented in comic book format, full colour cover, glossy, nice paper-stock as well as cool, layout and design, it’s pretty damn professional for a fanzine. It is well worth the price. However, as we all know, content is king and you can have the prettiest magazine in the world, and it will still suck; like the magazines for the sheep, GQ, People, Time, Spin, Rolling Stone, US etc. Luckily for the rest of us wolves there is now Chromium Dioxide.

These guys keep delivering the goods. Often a fanzine will start and despite good intentions run out of content. Most 'zines fail or stop being published quite quickly. Not so with Chromium D. The publishing/writing/art team keep coming up with great new ideas. New features include Runt Of The Litter: The Forgotten Bastard Records' which is an analysis of dark-horse albums in a classic bands catalogue...and no, it's not the albums you might expect! For example they choose 'Ram It Down' instead of 'Turbo', which is clever because picking on 'Turbo' is just too easy, and overdone. You won't see them taking cheap shots at 'Cold Lake', (Celtic Frost) 'The Elder' (KIss) or 'State Of Euphoria' (Anthrax) because again it's just too easy. The choices for inclusion are clever and well-thought out.

Another fun, new feature I'm looking forward to reading in future issues is called 'What Went Wrong' (which should be re-titled, 'What the HELL Went Wrong'!) The new feature is the staff and guests (in this case Jason Decay of Cauldron and Ryan Waste of Municipal Waste) doing an analysis of ...yes, what the hell went wrong. First victim, I mean...topic...Anthrax! Many of us could write a doctorate thesis on what the hell went wrong with Anthrax and that and these guys have beat us to the punch. Anthraxologists indeed!

CD#3 has many of the same feature of past issues, the crossword puzzle (this months theme is Chicago Metal) the word search (topic: Cannibal Corpse) as well as the usual, reviews, interviews and more. We get a label spotlight on Shrapnel Records and another on Mausoleum Records. Delight in more 'Shitty Album covers! Behold the multitude of album reviews, new and obscure. Witness the Dead Legends toy series! There is a pair of great interviews with Rick Hughes (Sword) and Matt McCourt (Wild Dogs) and the chick who wrote that new Metal cookbook which looks really cool. This 34 page baby is packed with good shit! Buy or die.

Editors Note: CHROMIUM DIOXIDE is best consumed while wearing denim & leather, drinking cheap beer and cranking an obscure thrash album that was released between 1985 and 1989.
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