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Chromatic Dark
Fractures (demo)
December 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The northern metal warriors Chromatic Dark - all the way from the capital of Finnish metal, Oulu, approached me with their latest, 3rd studio effort; a 4-track demo carrying the title, FRACTURES, which they recorded at a couple of rehearsal places during spring 2009.

On FRACTURES the band has taken a couple of steps back to the same dark, more aggressive and heavier direction that they so well represented on their debut demo (OBSIDIOUS), recorded back in 2006 already. On that particular demo in question, they were definitely at their best, combining pretty successfully melo-death elements á la Dark Tranquillity and In Flames together with slices of dark metal. And it worked.

The FRACTURES demo has pretty much all that same cutting charisma that their debut demo had, released 3 years ago. Especially this ´cutting charisma´ thing can be linked to the last 2 tracks on this demo. “World Chaos” is the more straightforward and aggressive piece of work of these two songs in question while the demo´s closing tune “Darkening”, counts more on its mid-tempo approach, in which Chromatic Dark´s sharp sense for both melodic and sorrowful a song structure clash in a fine way. I hope they could continue building up their future songs on the chosen path of these last 2 songs on the demo because unfortunately “Dark Wave” and “For the Pain” – this demo´s 1st two songs, somehow tend to be sound kinda clumsy song structure-wise, apart from a few occasional good moments in both of them.

Basing my sincere opinion all the 4 songs on FRACTURES, even if this demo still leaves something for them to be improved and bettered, there´s also lots of good things in it. More terseness and simplicity for the song structures could be some of aid for them, I guess. Also wished the production would have been a bit better on this product though – especially the drum sound is absolutely too light and not strong enough when being equally compared to the other instruments in this recording.

Summa summarum, I could only say that I still want to keep my curious ears pricked for this band in the future... ;o)
Track Listing

01. The Machine (intro)
02. Dark Wave
03. For the Pain
04. World Chaos
05. Darkening


Jussi Niemelä - Vocals
Janne Lunnas - Guitar & backing vocals
Mikko Häkälä - Guitar
Jukka Marjoniemi - Bass & backing vocals
Otto Simola - Drums

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