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Christ Hate
December 2009
Released: 2009, Negativity Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

So, all Christians shall be raped, slaughtered, desecrated and dismembered, the world will be burnt to dust and Jesus will weep…

The two satanic and utterly evil messengers from Topeka, Kansas – Lord Buzzsaw and James King, seem to be on their unholy crusade against everything that is based on some Christian values, on their fierce and malicious sounding self-titled debut full-length album. They have proclaimed an eternal war against Christianity until this disease has been wiped off the face of the earth for good. Nothing unholy seems to be unholy enough for them either, as it appears from this blasphemous 8-track effort.

The album itself contains pure, fast and raw black metal in the vein of early Dark Funeral, early Marduk, Fallen Christ and some other satanic troops of the same jet-black ink. It´s a true darkened, evil and lethal whirlwind of chaos, confusion and destruction that doesn´t save any of us from its unspeakable fury. It diabolically marches over and mangles everyone to the finest dust with vengeance. These 2 armed-to-the-teeth guys do a fine job as far as their purpose to be one of the most mean, satanic and furious black metal acts is concerned – yes, but on the other hand one starts helplessly thinking how many bands there really are out there nowadays that are churning out similar stuff to Christ Hate? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Or even zillions? The amount of them cannot be counted in 3 days, so it can be rightfully be said that there's nothing new here under the old full moon. This type of stuff unfortunately wears off way too soon – just no matter how well it could have been done.

Be my guest and check Christ Hate out if you really want to, and cannot ever get enough of this kind of stuff. For others I could advice to go and buy the new album from Dark Funeral (titled ANGELUS EXURO PRO ETERNUS) instead, as that album is a real icon breaker… ;o)
Track Listing

01. Anthem
02. House of Lies
03. Jesus Is...
04. Weak-Minded Imbeciles
05. Forsaken
06. Hypnos Satanas
07. Liar Messiah
08. Abomination


Lord Buzzsaw (aka Derek Engemann) - Vocals, guitar and bass
James King - Drums

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