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Chris Dodge/Dave Witte
East-West Blast Test
April 2001
Released: 2001, Slap A Ham
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Dave Witte sure knows how to keep himself busy! Aside from Discordance Axis (R.I.P.) and Burnt By The Sun, he has managed to record this strange, experimental grind disc with Chris Dodge, a friend who lives 3000 miles away. With the aid of the postal service, they managed to throw some tunes together called EAST-WEST BLAST TEST. And what we have here is 27 tracks, mostly instrumentals, in 18 minutes. The material is along some of the same lines as Discordance Axis, but much more experimental with more changes in tempo. Expect Dave to give his best drum performance, while Chris handles the awkward guitars and bass. This stuff sometimes sounds like a grind version of Fantomas, or for that matter Carbonized’s DISHARMONIZATION album. Some of the guitar licks sound just ridiculous, and so do the guest vocals. But this is what makes the songs entertaining…and there’s even a touch of saxophone on this thing. And not all of the songs are fast. Things slow down sometimes, and even get a little jazzy. Love the doom-laden closing track. But overall the adrenaline is pumping. After all, Chris’ main intent was to play “fast and crazy”. This is some weird stuff! Too bad the CD is so short. And where are the song titles? But then again, who needs them? Discordance Axis fans must pick this up. As for the rest of you, well…
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