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Chips & Beer Magazine
Issue #2 (Book Review)
April 2012
Released: 2012, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

If this is this is your first time reading a review of CHIPS AND BEER magazine on, do yourself a favor and go read my (admittedly) long-winded and opinionated review of Issue #1. It kinda sets the tone.

Not that long after the debut, CAB is back, bigger and as good or better than before. That's important because lots of new mags shoot their load on the exciting debut and come up short, next time around. No sloppy seconds syndrome for Voegtlin, DePalma and The Iron Heel. Issue #2 rocks it harder and faster. Now that we have gotten our unsophisticated sexual metaphors out of the way, let's discuss the rest.

Number Two clocks in at a whopping 120 pages in the same format. Tons of the same great rude and crude and familiar features, like One From The Grave, an extended look at a piece of Metal history. Always a highlight are the album reviews and this issue has plenty! The reviews section sees well over 50 albums going under the pen and the sword with the same caustic humour firmly in place. For example, despite my love for the last full-length, studio album by U.D.O. (REV-RAPTOR) and the fact that I disagree with the writer, the review of REV-RAPTOR was hilarious and made me laugh out loud. I guess there must be an element of truth. There were a couple of cringe-worthy mistakes; the name of the most recent Saxon album is CALL TO ARMS, (not ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ and it is on the UDR label, (not Soulfood a distributor) and Cauldron Born’s debut originally came out on Underground Symphony, not Stormspell, but that’s just trivia stuff.

One fun new feature is called ‘Talking Shit’ (with an appropriately grim graphic!) which is basically letters to the editor. Most magazines don't have the balls to print critical letters, but CAB revels in it printing a handful of comments. A theme seemed to be that some readers wanted writers to discuss music in the album reviews. Fair enough but there are plenty of places on the internet to read long-winded, mechanical, analytical, fanboy reviews (kinda like mine). If ya can't the heat when someone slags your favorite band go read Revolver or something where every band is the best band of all time.

The centerpiece of this issue is a 35 page tribute to King Diamond. This is the most comprehensive work about the King I have ever read. This is essentially the basis for a biography about the Demonic Dane, or is it the Terrible Texan? He had lived there over 20 years now...maybe his next concept album will be a haunted western. I called it! This feature also includes pieces on every MF and KD release! In this issue we get more comics, more interviews with artists, bands like Midnight and Deceased and more great doodles and drawing littered among the text. The Iron Heel drops another spot-on editorial/intro.

CAB continues to embrace everything that is good and true and earthy about Metal and 'the Metal Way'. Scensters and hipsters will hate this magazine which another great reason why you should buy it.
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