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Rebirth - Death Won´t Stay Us
March 2007
Released: 2007, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Epic, old school Heavy/Power Metal from Dusseldorf, Germany ála Chimaera. Chimaera was formed in 1999 and has already released three full-length albums between 2002-2005. Pure Steel Records saw and understood the band’s potential and took them under their steel shield.

REBIRTH (DEATH WON´T STAY US) is Chimaera´s latest 11-song effort to show their pumped muscles for straight and epic battle hymns. They are quite good at what they do. Chimaera is influenced by the 80´s era of Heavy Metal, and especially such heavy weight giants as Manowar and Iron Maiden. A balance of strong Manowar-like hammer-heavy rhythms and familiar sounding Maiden-ish melodies offer quite an ear-pleasing sound - not to mention the band´s vocalist Pan Vogiazis wha has a very good voice, too. He reminds me of Blaze Bayley, and I guess this is not the first he has heard such a comparison about his vocal delivery. He is also able to reach nearly the same high register vocally as Mr. Rob “The Metal God” Halford (even if he doesn’t go to those high-pitch screams that often), so that should tell something about the man’s skills to sing.

As for some ´constructive´ criticism, I need to ask why do they need a keyboard player? They would do better without him because even if his keyboard parts are quite dull and simply monotonous, and (luckily) only play a minimal role on the album. I think they would sound vastly better without the keyboard contributions to the songs.

REBIRTH is worth checking out even if Chimaera does not offer any big thrills musically, that could leave an indelible impression on listeners. However, as I said, they are still good at what they do, so give them a fair chance.
Track Listing

01.Order of the Fallen Sun
02. Dragon´s Witch
03. Chimaera´s Rebirth
04. Rage on (My Head)
05. Take Their Lord
06. Knights of the Storm
07. Ride Fast
08. Wanderlust
09. Bearheart
10.The Funeral - When a Knight Kneels Down
11. Live after Death


Pan Vogiazis - Vocals
Umit Kalat - Guitar
Jacques Moch - Guitar
Steffen Sudhoff - Bass
DanToKa - Drums
Nico Kruse - Keyboard

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