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We Bleed Metal
December 2015
Released: 2015, Leviathan Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Tenth album is on deck for the prolific Chastain, and that is not counting the albums released under his full name, David T. Chastain. Moderate hype was propagated for 2013’s SURRENDER TO NO ONE as it featured the return of vocalist Leather Leone, a woman whose patented paint-scraping vocals are an acquired taste for some folks. No denying that she brings an undeniable energy and level of familiarity to many long-time fans though. WE BLEED METAL is a homage to the comradery in metal and a nod to the loyalty metal breeds in fans and bands.

The new album features nine tracks of traditional metal, injected with considerable heaviness in many places by Chastain’s brutal riffery and the pounding drums of Stian Kristoffersen. As expected, the opening title track extolls the virtues of metal while managing to start off in similar fashion to Bloodbound’s “In The Name Of Metal.” “All Hail The King” is another worthy song that reminds me of Primal Fear in its delivery. Spread through the album are doses of low-tuned guitars and upper register melodies for variety. Shaking things up a bit is the unconventional and stuttering pace of “Search Time For You”, which features some of Chastain’s most inspired guitar work on the album.

Chastain actually rips it up all over WE BLEED METAL, with a ballsy and modern production that adds to the heaviness, even though most songs rarely exceed mid-paced. Minor quibble would be the sameness of many of the songs once you get past the intros and into the heart of the tunes. Other small flaws are the lack of any truly kick ass songs, though the album is stocked with plenty of songs that range from good to quite good. Fans of classic Chastain should certainly enjoy this, as the brand of traditional and face-melting metal will always be welcome to large chunks of fans.
Track Listing

1. We Bleed Metal
2. All Hail The King
3. Against All The Gods
4. Search Time For You
5. Don't Trust Tomorrow
6. I Am A Warrior
7. Evolution of Terror
8. The Last Ones Alive
9. Secrets


Leather Leone – vocals
Mike Skimmerhorn – bass
Stian Kristoffersen – drums
David T. Chastain – guitars

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