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In An Outrage
November 2004
Released: 2004, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I think perhaps that when it comes to erasing the memory of Leather Leone, the third time is the charm for Kate French. Not that fans ‘want’ Leather’s legacy removed or even overshadowed but I would not be surprised of some old-school purists did not give Kate the chance she deserved in the 90’s, due to the different nature of the songwriting on the past two Chastain studio CD’s.

Chastain (the band) is back with CD number eight and it a killer! Although I have very fond memories of growing up with the first five (Leather) CD’s, but after hearing Kate’s performance on this disc, I have officially decided I like Kate better as a singer. Sorry Leather! Her voice is full of range, dynamics and character giving new dimension to songs that lyrically are not all that challenging. Songs like ‘Bullet from A Gun’ don’t have much to say lyrically but her performance makes the song. In fact many (most?) of the songs are pretty damn angry, hence the title I suppose.

Chastain has a couple of new members but familiar faces Dave Starr and Larry Howe (ex-Vicious Rumors) and these veterans do what it takes to let David and Kate shine who are, admittedly the stars in the band. I wouldn’t have anyone lese backing me up!

Great self-production from perfectionists Chastain as always and the packaging is streamlined, lyrics a couple of photos and no liner notes this time oddly enough. I guess the drive and feel of the album are pretty self-explanatory as is the cover, a neat digital rendering of, some sort of madman who is in outrage.

This CD reminds me of a very decent cross between Who Dares Wins and the last couple, less neoclassical playing more grit , crunch, heavier guitar tone, less shredding just more balls and power. I think this is the CD to reintroduce fans who maybe lost their way after Leather left…I mean it has been ten years and a painfully long seven years since the last Chastain CD! A welcome return that finds the band firing on all cylinders and in an outrage!
Track Listing






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In An Outrage
January 2005
Released: 2004, Massacre Records / Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The guitar hero David T. Chastain is back with his legendary band Chastain. Things have been quiet with the band since 1997 when their last album IN DEMENTIA came out. IN AN OUTRAGE is their eight one since they started out in 1984. The members have played with famous artists like Alice Cooper, Cinderella, House Of Lords and King Diamond, to mention a few of them. Many bands have done cover versions of Chastain songs, including the most recent one from Swedish act Hammerfall. Along with David Chastain, the band consists of the singer Kate French (read the interview with her here on Metal Rules) and the two new members in the rhythm section, Larry Howe on drums and Dave Starr on bass from the band Vicious Rumors.

There are ten songs on the album but I don’t know who has written the music, but French has written the lyrics. I don’t know which studio they’ve used now when they recorded it but the producer is David Chastain himself. He has managed to create a real heavy sounscape with lots of hard guitars and lead vocals at the top of the mix. The rhythm section sounds really stable and Chastain has succeeded in combining the old sound with an updated sound for the 21st century. As an old fan of honest and pure heavy metal it warms my metal hear to hear this. This is genuine heavy metal with an updated sound that really suits this century.

According to the bio the band says they are now touching on influences that run the gamut of old school and new school metal. I can’t doing anything but agree with that description. This album is totally brilliant all the way through and I have nothing remotely negative to say about this. This album is an odyssey in well played heavy metal with a lot of different tempo changes.

These ten tracks are filled with a whole lot of double bass pedals, riffing and sharp guitar play and French shows up with an incredible vocal capacity. The only things that are less than perfect on this brilliant album are the extremely ugly cover done by Travis Smith and the very odd song “Souls The Sun” which has a very strange intro that sounds like an Indian song and it doesn’t fit in on this album at all. That’s all the negative things I can find.

French has a really raw voice and aggressive voice that fits this music like a glove. David Chastain sure can handle a guitar and the both can lay back on a solid and stable rhythm section.

The band says in the bio “Musically, this one is definitely the best CD we have done with Chastain”. I really believe that and may I add to that BUY, BUY, BUY this album right now!
Track Listing

1. In An Outrage
2. Malicious Pigs
3. Lucky To Be Alive
4. Souls The Sun
5. Bullet From A Gun
6. Women Are Wicked
7. Tortured Love
8. New Beginnings
9. Rule The World
10. Hamunaptra


Kate French – lead vocals
David T. Chastain – guitar
Dave Starr – bass
Larry Howe – drums



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