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Medusa Groove
March 2011
Released: 2010, Eonian Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

There is a new, young upstart label on the block and they are called Eonian Records. This US based label is specializing in melodic late 80’s, early 90’s American Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. They have put out a batch of great albums and over the next three months (March-May, 2011) we are going to look at nine of their most recent releases. This month (March, 2011) we will take a look at the bands Charlotte, Dear Diary and Felony. Please feel free to check out the other reviews in this series.

Charlotte was one of many, many contenders for the brass ring in the late 80’s in Los Angeles. MEDUSA GROOVE is essentially a collection of tunes recorded in various studios in and around Hollywood, and L.A. Despite the songs being recorded in a number of different places the sound is remarkably consistent. These guys were pretty big in their hometown but for whatever reason never quite made it. The music was not one of those reasons because MEDUSA GROOVE is packed with a dozen hard rockin’ tunes that could have been radio hits on any given day.

One thing Eonian is doing is providing some top quality packaging and this is no exception. The booklet includes lots of photos, an essay about the bands history, the credits etc. All in all there are a dozen songs that will rock ya for 45minutes. The band had a little bit of a southern, bluesy feel rather than a straight-ahead glam act. I’m reminded of Sven Gali, Cry Wolf, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Tora Tora, Sweet F.A. and bands of that ilk. The songs are not frantic but rather have a bit of laid-back sleazy strut to them. They can really crank it up on tunes like ‘Roadhouse Of Love’ cowbell and all or they can demonstrate some really above average ballad capabilities on tracks like ‘Changes’. I’m not talking big, bright power ballads but certainly more smooth and heart-felt lyrically delivery. Overall the songs are in the mid-tempo range and not too frantic, but more understated.

The individual performances are all excellent and vocalist Eric Gantz sounds a bit like a journeyman, sincere with good lyrics. He reminds a bit of Steve Shareaux (Kik Tracee) without the twang but that’s probably just in my head. If you enjoy and miss the classic Melodic Metal sound of the late 80’s, you’ll enjoy Charlotte.

Join us again in April for reviews of more Eonian artists, Legacy, Sgt. Roxx and Shake City.
Track Listing

1. Medusa Groove
2. Woman Behind The Eyes
3. Siren
4. Little Devils
5. Miss Necrophilia
6. She Get It Up
7. Got Love On The Line
8. Changes
9. Roadhouse Of Love
10. Ocean Of Love And Mercy
11. Invisible Man
12. All Tied Up


Eric Ganz-Lead Vocals
Nick DiBacco-Guitar
Vinnie Cacciotti-Guitar
Chris Colovas-Bass

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