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Weaving the Chaos 2-song demo 2006
July 2006
Released: 2006, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Puppetmaster of pandemonium. Controller of disorder. The name should say it all... Chaosweaver. As this relatively new Finnish Death/Dark/Black Metal band´s bio tells, they draw their main influences from old horror flicks, historic literature and the dark side of human psyche - and these influences have been put into use effectively through their keyboard-ridden, dark Death/Black Metal. The main emphasis in Chaosweaver´s music is on Death Metal though, which has been spiced up with some occasional gloomy keyboard parts to create more atmosphere and purpose for their ´horror oozing Death Metal´ as I´d like to describe them. It´s the band´s guitarist and vocalist Pasi Kolehmainen (the former member of now disbanded Death Metal band Mystification FF) who brings in that Black Metal element for their music, with his maliciously articulated ´black-ish´ shrieks that remind me of both Janne from Barathrum and Pasi from Ajattara in some peculiar way. As for the music itself in these two songs ("Angel" and "Flaming Rain") on the demo, faint hints some sort of Samael´ish -vibe (the PASSAGE -era) can be spotted from each of them; added with a dose of more traditional Scandinavian Death Metal influences that hark back somewhere to the ´90s period (excluding the keyboard-infested Gothenburg sound tho).

Chaosweaver overall sounds well-prepared and I personally wouldn´t wonder a bit if they were picked up by some label in the coming weeks. Good luck guys!
Track Listing

01. Angel
02. Flaming Rain


Pasi Kolehmainen - Guitar & vocals
Markus Laakso - Bass & backing vocals
Tapio Ahola - Keys
Janne Hakuli - Drums

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