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Puppetmaster of Pandemonium
May 2008
Released: 2008, Shadow World Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

There can never been enough well-made, symphonic dark metal, can there? From the halls of all horrors and nightmares crawls out this malicious, evil-minded 14-horned beast known as Chaosweaver whose debut opus, titled PUPPETMASTER OF PANDEMONIUM, has now finally been released. Chaosweaver name old horror movies, historic and mystique literature and some influential composers of classic music (Jean Sibelius, Carl Orffin and Richard Wagner) as their huge inspiration, and it has to be said that all those inspirations of theirs indeed shine through on their very atmospheric, symphonic and nightmarish whatever-metal on P.O.P. Having spent 5 months at Studio Perkele (Deathchain, Ajattara, etc.), recording and shaping up this huge musical net ready out of many different styles of both metal and classical music, has truly paid off for Chaosweaver in a rewarding way.

Musically Chaosweaver is like a blend of the Norwegian bringers of chaos and confusion Dimmu Borgir, Covenant, Arcturus and Ram-zet - with a faint Samael-ish vibe pushing through its spikes here and there, but still avoiding the easiest and most obvious traps in sounding like any of those 5 aforementioned artists. Everything on this record sounds big, full and colossal even. There´s constantly lotsa things going on within their songs: from very atmospheric and symphonic passages to aggressive and vicious black metal type of attacks - full of rage and pure hatred, Chaosweaver manage to create a pretty extraordinary, strong and pompous musical wholeness that should carry them relatively far in the future regarding their ambitiously, well-arranged material.

Songs like "Flaming Rain", "Locked in a Coffin" and "Horned Serpent" send its listeners toward Chaosweaver´s colossal, murky kingdom of indescribable nightmares and horrors, and leaving them no escape once they have been captured in the hideous depths of dark catacombs of their genius madness. In many ways, it could be said that it´s the wicked madness that reigns through this album - each song, full of these 7 maestros' creative juices, has been done so masterfully that a bunch of jaws are probably left wide open after this massive journey into the band´s somewhat surrealistic musical world is over. A small but still relatively known bunch of guest musicians from such acts as Swallow the Sun, Moonsorrow, Profane Omen and Deathchain (well, ex-Deathchain to be exact; Rotten does some splendid job in the vocal department) have also added their own tasteful spices into this massive sounding opus. My only tiny complaint is that it may take some time to sink your teeth bone-deep into this album as the music herein is complex with many unexpected timings, etc., having many layers piled on the top of each other. But with enough patience, a listener´s journey into the depths of this extraordinary album, will be rewarded by an exciting musical listening experience - guaranteed!

Chaosweaver. Our puppetmasters of pandemonium are here amongst us hopefully ´til the end of this world...
Track Listing

01. Flaming Rain
02. Locked in a Coffin
03. White Noise
04. Cult of Joy
05. Horned Serpent
06. Buried in a Swamp
07. Angel
08. Denied Memories
09. Beneath the Silent Cities
10. Son of the Moon


Kole - Guitar
Thab Picard - Keyboards
Ezzymania 2000 - Lead guitar
Cypher Commander - Vocals
Albert von Fleischer - Guitar
Max Power - Bass
Jack Tyger - Drums

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