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Cult of the Buried Serpent PROMO 2007
February 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

These creatures are amongst us again. I mean, this Finnish fivesome known under a moniker Chaosweaver - and who trust darker, heavier and even more dramatic sounds on their newest unholy release, baptized by the title, CULT OF THE BURIED SERPENT.

With two new additions to the Chaosweaver´s line-up, Jere Kortelainen for the 2nd guitar and Jack Tyger for drums (replacing the band´s previous skinbasher Janne Hakuli), everything sounds like Chaosweaver has got more malicious power and sheer talent behind the band´s overall powerful line-up. This time, the band´s musical perversities have been carried out even further into the dark realms of a bombastic Black Metal in order to reach more of those instant quality elements so that even more people should find this stuff more appealing for themselves. All 3 songs on the band´s latest effort, are true head-turners musically, spitting out venom and bloody guts more than you could ever imagine in your worst fuckin´ nightmares. This is horror-infested, darkened and relatively symphonic Black Metal that is so carefully made and so professionally churned out it cannot be ignored by the shrug of shoulders by anyone who has some interest toward this type of metal genre. Chaosweaver know exactly what they are capable of doing with this strong line-up, and all their hard efforts pay off for the band in their well-crafted song structures. Think something like Samael melted together with both Nocturnus and Dimmu Borgir, and add some venomous juice into it - made of the pitch-black heart of Satan (of course!), and you have Chaosweaver.

My fair guess is Chaosweaver will get singed by some label during the first half of 2007... A very impressive stuff here under the storming sky of Finnish Dark/Black Metal!!
Track Listing

01. Cult of Joy
02. Buried in a Swamp
03. Horned Serpent


Pasi Kolehmainen - Guitar, vocals
Jere Kortelainen - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Markus Laakso - Bass, spoken words
Tapio Ahola - Keys
Jack Tyger - Drums

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