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June 2003
Released: 2004, Low Frequency Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Longing for the uncompromisingly brutal, raw and shitty demo-standard sounds of Autopsy, Dismember and Nihilist/Entombed? What about a sort of twisted “fuck-you-kill-the-posers-only-death-is-real” –attitude and nihilistic mentality that come along with the same package? In that case, I believe I have found exactly what you were looking for. ChaosBreed (Esa Holopainen on guitar, Oppu Laine on bass, Nalle Österman on drums, Taneli Jarva on vocals and Marko Tarvonen on guitar) have obviously found a perfect chemistry as far as hailing the Ancient Gods of death and decay are concerned. So, expect no mercy and save your fuckin´ prayers ´coz they have gut-wrenching, flesh-ripping, ultra heavy, down-tuned and brutal sonic violence available in this mini-CD format that musically pays a great tribute to the past (but certainly NOT forgotten!!) Death Metal forces from Autopsy to Dismember to Nihilist to Carnage to mainly early ´90s old-school ´Stockholm Death Metal´ bands. It´s an utterly brutal and dead-heavy strike into the most fragile part of your spine; heard, tasted and farted out hundreds of times before, but that´s where its true ”magic” lies in my opinion. By listening to these 4 songs on UNLEASHED CARNAGE that were originally available as MP3s through the band´s website, you can guess almost right away where these 5 ´relatively young corpsegrinders´ come from musically, can´t you?!

“Wretched Life” is pure Autopsy/Dismember –worshipping from start to finish. All those essentially necessary, exaggeratingly downtuned vintage Death Metal riffs, growling and pissed-off vocals, slow ´funeral march´ tempos, etc. are easily to be tracked down off this particular Death Metal–tune and the same rule basically holds good for the rest of the three songs on the promo, “Rotting Alive”, "FC/DC (stands for Freedom Corps Death Crush - now that´s a silly name, ha!)" and "Friendly Fire". Huh, even the band´s growler Taneli Jarva sounds deceptively like Chris Reifert of Autopsy and I´m pretty darn sure even he has noticed that himself. Taneli Reif...(!), ... (-er?), I mean Jarva, surely gives an extra kick to the band´s ripping old-school Death Metal sound and he obviously enjoys to be a part of this from the deep down of his fucked-up bowels. There´s just no bloody doubt of it...

One has surely noticed that ´back-to-the-old-school´ -sounds seem to be the current trend in both Thrash - and Death Metal these days. It is, however, no crime to respect the paths of your past ´icons´ or ´idols´ if you churn out your shit straight from your heart and soul, kind of maintaining your own value and credibility, and not cashing in by doing it only just because something may have become ´popular´ recently or is in fashion again amongst the metalheads. In ChaosBreed´s case, I honestly count on my first assumption out of the two alternatives I just spitted out here. ChaosBreed are mean, making some brutal noise for real, but on the very top of it, they fuckin´ SHRED!!! Awesome...!!! ,,/
Track Listing

01. Intro: Prelude to Death
02. Wretched Life
03. Rotting Alive
04. FC/DC
05. Friendly Fire


Taneli Jarva – Growls
Esa Holopainen – Guitar
Marko Tarvonen – Guitar
Oppu Laine – Bass
Nalle Österman - Drums

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