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April 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Here it is... it was about the time. As for starters, it needs to be said that one of the latest sensations to the Finnish metal scene – and especially for the Death Metal scene, is Chaosbreed without a slightest doubt. As everybody of you already knows, the band has already been named and even hailed as a ´Death Metal super group´ only because the band line-up features guys from Amorphis, Moonsorrow, ex-Amorphis, ex-Sentenced, etc. And here´s finally band´s very eagerly waited debut full-length death roller titled BRUTAL, being inspected by my damn curious ears.

As a logical question is, can these guys live up by the title of their debut then? I guess each and everyone of you is expecting BRUTAL to be ´brutal´ in every sense of the word, too? Well, CHAOSBREED is heavily based very heavy, downtuned, muscular and crispy riffs of Entombed´s early days on BRUTAL especially the LEFT HAND PATH -era!) with hints from such Death Metal cult acts as Carnage and Autopsy well, so if that´s your understanding for the meaning of the word ´brutal´, then I guess you have been welcomed on the board by these relentless chaos breeders ´coz that´s exactly what you are going to get: Old-school Death Metal straight from the golden era of the ´90s style where Entombed, Carnage and Autopsy earned their respect amongst metalheads simply because of releasing some of finest Death Metal albums of all time. Finland´s Chaosbreed has well adopted a good bunch of very familiar elements from the note books of those three aforementioned Death Metal godz, kind of shamelessly re-constructed, re-arranged, re-flamed and quite damn honestly plagiarized the old ´hot, spicy & tasty´ sounds of irresistible, the most tasteful and captivating old-school Death Metal on BRUTAL. For example such songs like "Wretched Life", "Casket Ride", "Mora-lized (alright guys, I can see the irony behind this title... ;)" and "Symptoms of the Flesh" are basically pure Nihilist/Entombed worshipping from the beginning to the end more than anything else really, relying mostly on downtuned and heavily rollin´ guitar riffs that made LEFT HAND PATH and CLANDESTINE such masterpieces of their own time whereas songs like "Demon Skunk" and "An Evil Eye" remind me of the times of Autopsy´s MENTAL FUNERAL –era in a very peculiar way due to some very slow and doomy Death Metal parts in both of them. And I know that you surely cannot resist any Autopsy –stuff if you have ever got to hear their albums and become sort of a fan of them as well. I surely know I have and therefore it´s somewhat difficult – even nearly impossible to say a bad word about the songs on BRUTAL. This is as great stuff as it gets; you are able to hear from everything where all the 5 individuals in Chaosbreed come from as far these old-school Death Metal wankers´ musical backgrounds are concerned. Both Amorphis and Sentenced had their Death Metal days, too – remember? Jarva has also managed to sound a bit like both L.G. Petrov and Chris Reifert occasionally here and there in the songs and when even Uffe and Jörgen from Entombed have both played a couple of ´cool things´ for BRUTAL, one could very easily claim that Chaosbreed has already proved to be an incredibly well-calculated ´Death Metal super group (or whatever!)´.

And if you have ever wondered how a Slayer song called "South of Heaven" might sound like if there existed a Death Metal version out of it, then (almost) a correct answer can be found from a song called "Faces of Death". If that ain´t a rip-off version from that Slayer classic, then you tell me what is! Long live and reign irony... ha!

And now when we are at it, speaking of irony kinds of things a bit more, a punk´ish version of a Repulsion-alike song "Shitgrinder" should prove something about these fellows´ both dedication and sort of a ´we-don´t-give-a-shit´ -attitude inside the hierarchy of the band when nothing is sacred for them and everything is kind of made to be sonically ´raped´ in a rough treatment of these chaps. Whatever Chaosbreed touches, turns to brutally marvelous.

Now when everything has been said and done basically regarding to everything written and spitted full-heartedly out above, I have a few reasons to believe that after BRUTAL will be quite a successor amongst Death Metal community on the globe during some certain period of time. Chaosbreed brings back the adored old-school ´magick & mayhem Death Metal´ -thing on BRUTAL for brutal, heavy and classic sounds of the ´90s Death Metal, so let´s all enjoy and stick to it as long as it lasts. An instant classic Death Metal release has born, most probably...
Track Listing

01. Wrecthed Life
02. Casket Ride
03. Faces of Death
04. Mora-lized
05. Rotting Alive
06. Demon Skunk
07. Shitgrinder
08. Symptoms of the Flesh
09. F/C/D/C
10. An Evil Eye


Taneli Jarva - Vocals
Esa Holopainen - Guitar
Marko Tarvonen - Guitar
Oppu Laine - Bass
Nalle Österman – Drums



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