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Chaos Theory
May 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Primal Fear styled metal this ain’t folks. Sometimes when you put on a CD to review you keep saying to yourself (for example) "I wish I could listen to NUCLEAR FIRE again…I wish I had more time to listen to real METAL!!!!" Well such was the case with Chaos Theory. This band did nothing for me as do almost every typical US band who mix together hardcore and Sepultura/Pantera styled metal. It’s the band’s hardcore/punk influences and the simple yet noisy riff structures that lose me. The music is not what really turned me off though – it was the vocals! The band’s bio compares the vocals to Testament and Slayer (two bands I LOVE) and let me tell ya - there is NO similarity to the vocals of those bands…NONE! Maybe if they had no melody, sang one note monotone vocals and had a really bad sore throat...Whatever. The CD begins with a promising riff/drum thing on the song “Broken Face” then the sore throat hardcore sounding vocals come in and it’s ruined - at least for me. Many songs are like this. The drums and guitars start it out and lock into a cool riff then the vocals ruin it or the song gets repetitive and I lose interest fast. The more you get into the CD the more you’ll be saying - "will this song ever end?". What a mess! Fire the lead vocalist, quit trying to be so “trendy”, expand on the heavy diverse riffing (not your repetitive riffing), learn some lead guitar playing and you COIULD have a good band.
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