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Chaos Creation
September 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“Thrash or become trashed...!?”. Uh, whatever... Chaos Creation, this 4-piece band hailing from a relatively small town Lappeenranta, Finland – plays old school Thrash Metal with a real thrasher´s heart. Exodus is the very first band that comes to my mind when listening to them; thanks to a fair amount of similar Exodus –styled riffs and back vocal parts (check out a song called “D.F.A.” and you'll know what I mean) that have been involved into this 4-song outcome. I have to admit that Chaos Creation have got a pretty good understanding about how to create and reach a sound that puts people thinking that these 4 lads truly adore and obey that magical Thrash Metal sound of the ´80s era where especially some Bay Area Thrash Metal acts become known for during the golden ´80s period of Thrash Metal. Everything seems to be in the right order with Chaos Creation as far as the band´s strongly ´80s –flavored Thrash Metal sound is concerned. They have got some pretty good riffs stamped all over the music, they sound like they are determined to kick your ass very hard - and they even sound like they are seriously into playing this shit (in an absolutely positive sense of the word, of course!). Therefore it could rightfully be said that a serious Thrash –freak would probably dig the hell out of them as Chaos Creation overall knows how to thrash like true champions. F.ex. the last song on this 4-track offering, “Mindfuck”, should be a clear enough proof about these young thrashers´ ability to become a seriously taken Thrash –force in the coming years.

But then again, as a certain amount of honesty always seems to step into the same picture at some point during a judgement time – like I already said, yes they CAN indeed thrash, but despite some damn well-done and thought-out efforts, in order that Chaos Creation could stand out a just bit better, please do something to those relatively horrible sounding vocal parts. In other words, please get rid off your vocalist because he lacks basically all those ingredients that could make him to sound like a ´convincing Thrash Metal shouter´ in a Thrash Metal band. Or at least let him learn how to roar his lungs out properly enough for Thrash Metal. I´m not trying to piss anyone off here (or please for that matter either); I´m just trying to be honest myself and I just happen to know when something doesn´t quite reach my level of satisfaction. Also, the Chaos Creation –camp should consider paying a bit more attention to the production as it also lacks some elements and a certain amount of heaviness for Thrash Metal. More power to the guitar´s sound next time and these guys will be on more safe yet convincing waters for sure.

A promising start from Chaos Creation to say the least, but I just happen to know they could do things even better... ;=)
Track Listing

01. Allu´s Speech
02. Primal Uprising
03. Arms of Obliveon
04. D.F.A.
05. Mindfuck


Toni Huhtiniemi –Guitar
Arto Vesander – Drums
Aleksi “Triple A” - Vokills
Julle - Bass

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