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Channel Zero
Kill All Kings
August 2014
Released: 2014, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

After a needed hiatus Channel Zero deliver the goods on KILL ALL KINGS. This sixth album seems to be a good comeback for the band. With KILL ALL KINGS Channel Zero do what they do in the best way; well-played mid-tempo, groove metal, absolutely catchy. Nothing more, nothing less.

I can see a lot of 90’s Metallica not only in the songs but also in the vocal style of Franky. I dare to say that Channel Zero is not a big band but they have created small albums-miracles. "The saint who works no miracles isn't glorified." That’s goes for Channel Zero. So I would say that this album is compact, intense, full of energy and compared with its predecessors rounder and rhythmic, indicating that the 'old' dog can learn new tricks (what has happened with proverbs today?). Channel Zero entangled successful songs that echo the past and songs that look to the future, the writer gets to a tarakoulo in catchy and freskadoura "Crimson Collider", the title track "Kill All Kings", emotional explosion "Brothers Keeper" but mainly to the explosive great tracks "Duisternis" (meaning dark). And certainly, orthopedic pray out such drives to increasing incidents of cervical syndromes.

Channel Zero, unlike other bands recurrent as snails after rain, bands, justifying the KILL ALL KINGS their existence in the mineral map of today. Not reinventing the wheel but make it roll (with ... safe manner), they know their ceiling and arrange to have fun and do it with zest and not only for the stash. The Throne is burning ...
Track Listing

1. Dark Passenger
2. Electronic Cocaine
3. Burn The Nation
4. Digital Warfare
5. Ego
6. Crimson Collidor
7. Kill All Kings
8. Brother’s Keeper
9. Army of Bugs
10. Mind over Mechanics
11. Duisternis
12. Heart Stop


Franky DSVD - Vocals
Phil B - Drums
Tino De Martino - Bass
Mikey Doling - Guitar 

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