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November 2003
Released: 2003, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

A five-piece band formed in September 2002, Chainsnap is based in Wisconsin Rapids. Apparently the band is just starting to get a following going in throughout their home state, and have managed to get a song out on a Turkeyvulture Records compilation. This disc, a three-song demo, was released back in June of this year.

Chainsnap are a mid-paced straight ahead metal band, falling into the category that also houses bands like Pissing Razors and the rest of that whisper-to-roar ilk. Yawn. The three songs showcased on this demo are all of passable quality, the band managing to break into some decent groove metal (thankfully free of mallcore influences) on “Death by Deception”. Still, there’s nothing on here that is either original or particularly catchy, as I spin this disc countless times without have a single riff, vocal line, or bass line stick in my head.

A good beginning for the band, and it sounds like they have some talent, but right now I am just not on board. This groove metal/tough guy/sensitive guy thing is a tough genre to get right, let alone stick out from the crowd, and Chainsnap still need a lot more time in the trenches honing their craft before they really start to make some international waves. Keep at it guys.
Track Listing

1) God’s Breath
2) Death By Deception
3) Wanted Soul


Matt Kingery: Bass
Jeremy Haasi: Guitar
Alex Kawleski: Drums
Steve Schiller: Vocals
Keith Monville: Guitar

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