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September 2001
Released: 2001, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A French label Listenable Records continues to increase their own series of brutal and violent Death Metal releases by releasing these Dutch Death Metal syndicates Centurian´s 3rd album (and their 1st for their new label, Listenable Records) which carries the name, LIBER ZAR ZAX; "a book of grimoire glorifying the end of the world", like the band has explained the meaning of the album´s title on their press kit. The songs - some of them being named with such lovely titles as "Heading for Holocaust", "Ritually Slaughtered for Satan", "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex", "Committed to Hell" and "Forcinating the Nazarene" as examples, have everything to do with chaos, Satan and death which can be read easily according to the song titles already.

Centurian are said to having a rather respectable following in the worldwide underground metal scene, so that must feel nice for them. It must be great to know that some jackasses really are into your shit - no matter if you may have heard the same type of shit for like thousands of millions of billions of zillions times before already. That´s the problem I´m having with these Dutch relentless Belsebub - worshippers. They effortlessly mix Immolation with Deicide with Morbid Angel with Hate Eternal and expect probably everyone to fall in love with their "ripping(?)" Death Metal havoc, but that´s just a bit too hazardous if you dare to ask from me. 

I guarantee there´s enough an expert in me with this aggressive and violent shit already that I have guts to say Centurian doesn´t do much for me, unfortunately. Even if they have been able to create somewhat merciless, malignant and hammering stuff for LIBER ZAR ZAX, it just ain´t enough this time around. This album simply doesn´t stand out a bit and that´s why is ´bout to fall into oblivion in no time. No one´s gonna remember after 5 years that they even did this album ever, although you never know that for sure; I may be totally wrong as well.

If a somewhat generic brutal Death Metal shit is something that pleases you just well enough, maybe you should check this out then; if not, well... skip it and don´t feel any sorry by doing so.
Track Listing

01. The Reading (Zarzax unto Zax)
02. Heading for Holocaust
03. Colosseum of Blood
04. Hell at Last
05. Ritually Slaughtered for Satan
06. Feeding Flesh to the Vortex
07. Conjuration for Choronzon
08. Speech of the Serpent
09. Committed to Hell
10. Fornicating the Nazarene
11. Dead Black Nucleus


Jerry Brouwer - Vocals, bass
Rob Oorthuis - Guitar
Oskar Van Paradijs - Guitar
Wim Van der Valk - Drums

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