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February 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Centrate is a German Thrash Metal Band, formed in Dillenburg in 2010. ‘Ritual’ is the first full-length album from this outfit, following an EP called ‘Tiger Force’ released in 2015. ‘Centrate’ is apparently a contraction of ‘centre of hate’, which sounds suitably thrashy, and the songs are certainly no exception. If you want more information I recommend looking at their website because it is very pretty, great shots, and absolutely nothing else on it. Maybe they’re minimalists…

‘Voodoo’ kicks off with some bongos, which I like and is a little different, then very quickly you are in familiar thrash metal territory. Picks from the album for me include ‘Soul Collector’ and the title named ‘Ritual’, which is a truly excellent track. Their sound is technical without being overly fiddly and overall the album is very well mastered – clean, crisp and well-balanced. There’s some good rhythmical diversity throughout, aggressive themes but with tight - even elegant – solos.

All in all this is a good addition to the genre. A traditional style but with some new takes on it. Ultimately, I didn’t find it life-changing, but I doubt these guys set out to change my, or anyone else’s for that matter, life, simply to play what they liked well, which they have unequivocally managed. Well worth a listen.
Track Listing

01. Voodoo
02. In The Face Of Death
03. Forever Mine
04. Soul Collector
05. Old Man’s Table
06. Infected
07. Kill Till Death
08. Revenge
09. Ritual
10. Exorcism (Bonus)


Niki - Vocals
Tobias - Guitars
Chris - Guitars
Marcel - Bass
Manu - Drums

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