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Doomsday Rituals
July 2016
Released: 2016, Agonia Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

The Centinex family tree is a circular vortex of Swedish death metal. From Centinex was birthed Diabolical, from which then Centinex was reborn, paused, and gave rise to Demonical, which then rebirthed Centinex again, whilst keeping Demonical active and contributing DNA to Interment, who are reminiscent of old school Centinex, who by the way, are about to release a new album – DOOMSDAY RITUALS. Unfortunately for current day Centinex, they’re the least interesting limb of the family tree right now. Under other circumstances I’d call DOOMSDAY RITUALS boring, but that would be an insult to boring.

Okay – maybe that’s a bit harsh. But it’s not like the guys in Centinex don’t have the chops or experience to write a more interesting record, they do - they just chose not to. DOOMSDAY RITUALS is a knuckle dragging, aggro representation of the old school Swedish sound, devoid of any melody or deviation from the three mid-tempo chugga riffs that are repurposed across the album's 10 tracks. To put it in context - the new Whitechapel album has more riffs and sonic diversity than DOOMSDAY RITUALS; chew on that for a minute. Okay, there's a stripped down, Obituary-esque appeal to the likes of "Sentenced to Suffer" and "Flesh Passion", and the title track (which totally ripped off "The End Complete"), but it wears thin quicker than you'd think.

And I'm sure that after pounding a few beers, “Death Decay Murder” with its slammin' chant of “Die, Motherf@#ker, Die” sounds wicked brootal. But in a clearer state of mind, it just sounds stale and a little bit sad. With so many bands in the Old School Swedeath scene right now, there’s no shortage of quality albums to get your fix with (i.e., check out the new Interment), but with this kind of output, Centinex unfortunately isn’t one of them.
Track Listing

1. Flesh Passion
2. From Intact to Broken
3. Dismemberment Supreme
4. Generation of Flies
5. The Shameful Few
6. Doomsday
7. Exist to Feed
8. Death Decay Murder
9. Sentenced to Suffer
10. Faceless


Martin Schulman - Bass
Kennet Englund - Drums
Sverker Widgren - Guitars
Alexander Högbom – Vocals

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