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Celtic Frost
Vanity Nemesis
August 2017
Released: 2017, Noise / BMG
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

BMG who recently acquired Noise Records is currently unveiling a massive reissue campaign from the seminal acts that put Noise Records on the map in the mid eighties. Remastered and Deluxe Expanded Editions of classic albums by such heavyweights as Celtic Frost, Kreator, Helloween, Running Wild, Grave Digger and Voivod are hitting store shelves or awaiting release as we speak.

I'm loving this special edition "Vanity/Nemesis" reissue. Housed in a hardcover digi-pak with full color glossy archival photos and a lengthy written piece about the band and album by Xavier Russell. However, the booklet liner notes are causing quite the commotion on this reissue campaign as Celtic Frost mastermind Tom G. Warrior does not endorse these reissues (despite being part of the remastering process) as a result of BMG's legal team attempting to censor and even omit parts of the original liner notes he had written to accompany each album.

For those unfamiliar with Celtic Frost, "Vanity/Nemesis" could be viewed as a comeback album of sorts. After Martin Eric Ain departed the band following "Into The Pandemonium" Celtic Frost recorded and released the critically panned "Cold Lake" album with the single "Cherry Orchards" that largely alienated the band's entire hardcore fanbase due to it's flirtation with the big hair/glam movement. "Vanity/Nemesis" was a return to roots of sorts, but in term's of success the album performed poorly and subsequently Celtic Frost would disappear for sixteen years.

The remastering sounds brilliant! I own the 1999 Noise reissues and to my ears the 2017 reissues sound clearer, punchier, louder and thus superior. There are two bonus tracks on the "Vanity/Nemesis" reissue. We get "Heroes" "Visual Aggression" and "A Descent To Babylon (Babylon Asleep)" taken from the "Wine In My Hand" EP.

An enjoyable, well put together reissue is the end result. One that I'd recommend to fans both new and old alike. I don't know about you but my Celtic Frost albums were beat to shit from years of hauling around in the car and taking over to friends houses and repeated listens. I needed the upgrade! It is a shame that Tom G. Warrior's involvement was hindered. I can only imagine how much better these already great reissues could have been.
Track Listing

1. The Heart Beneath
2. Wine in My Hand (Third from the Sun)
3. Wings of Solitude
4. The Name of My Bride
5. This Island Earth
6. The Restless Seas
7. Phallic Tantrum
8. A Kiss or a Whisper
9. Vanity
10. Nemesis
11. Heroes
12. A Descent to Babylon (Babylon Asleep)


Tom G. Warrior - Vocals, Guitar
Curt Victor Bryant - Bass, Guitar
Martin Eric Ain - Bass
Steve Priestly - Drums



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