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Cea Serin
Where Memories Combine
November 2004
Released: 2004, Nightmare
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

I'm really having a difficult time trying to come up with words to describe this record. You see, it's always difficult to try and tell people about something when it affects you so deeply. Well, Baton Rouge Lousiana's Cea Serin is a band that I'm betting will affect a lot of people with a record as stunning as this. Entitled WHERE MEMORIES COMBINE, this is a 5 track concept album of what could be called Progressive Power Metal.

I hate to place a label on this, however, because it really is much, much more than the some of it's parts. Sure, this should obviously appeal to fans of your classic Progressive Metal, such as Dream Theatre, but the emotive appeal of the band is on par, in my opinion, with a band like Evergrey as well. If any of you know how much I love Evergrey, then you will realize how strong a statement that is for me to make.

At the same time, Cea Serin also take a lot from classic, traditional metal, as well. Take the opening of "Embracing the Absence", for example: it begins like classic Iron Maiden, before taking sharp turns into the modern age with stunning useage of syncopation and artificial harmonics.

Which brings me to the guitar work. It is mindblowing. Very rare for me if the progressive musicians who knows when to shred and when to take a back seat and let the music breath. Cea Serin belong to the latter; they know what works and how to use it. They never forget the importance of the SONG, and work each riff flawlessly around that framework, acoustic and electric. They are master craftsmiths.

Each song is long, but never becomes old or boring. For sheer innovation, check out the track, "The End of Silence"; amidst it's countless twists and turns you will not only find a phenomenal bass guitar solos, but even audial tap dancing, performed by BR School of Performing Arts student Nannette Ergos! Don't ask me how, but in some weird way, it fits in just perfectly.

In an atmosphere created by it's melancholic keyboards and excellent sample-use, Cea Serin have unearthed an album which aims straight for the heart and hits dead on. Vocally, WHERE MEMORIES COMBINE knows no bounds. You'll find everything from a magnificent altos, soothing baritones, and even harsh screaming here on this record. Beyond that, however, you will find a voice which drips with pure emotion.

WHERE MEMORIES COMBINE simply blew me away, it's as simple as that. As a musician, I am impressed (check out the elegantly complex bass work!), but beyond that I am moved as a human. Very rarely do albums as strong as this come around, especially from an American act, which makes me even that much more impressed.

I can honestly reccomend Cea Serin and WHERE MEMORIES COMBINE to anyone with ears. Rest assured, if you have a metal heart, and a love for stellar songwriting and emotional performances, check out Cea Serin. Hell, I'll take it that much further, just to show you I'm serious...

If you check out one new band this month, make it Cea Serin.
Track Listing

1.Embracing the Absence
2. Meridian's Tear
3. Tne End of Silence
4. Scripted Suffering: Within and Without
5. Into the Vivid Cherishing



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Cea Serin
Where Memories Combine
August 2005
Released: 2004, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Let’s face it – one-man bands usually suck. Aside from some glaring exceptions, most “bands” that are really just one guy (or girl) can’t hold a candle to real groups. But what if I told you that there was a band that was the brainchild of a single person, and it was equal to, if not better than 90% of the competition? Now what if I told that the band was a progressive metal band? Well, most likely you’d be as skeptical as I was when I popped in this CD, but trust me, Cea Serin is the real deal.

Cea Serin is the invention of one Jay Lamm, who wrote all the music and lyrics and played everything, except for the guitars (unknown Keith Warman handles this duty). For a mere debut album, Jay has created one hell of a monster here, as WHERE MEMORIES COMBINE is a powerful tour-de-force of prog-metal. Covering all the bases and then some, Jay manages to show-up all but the absolute best of prog-metal. More impressive is that fact that while the music is reminiscent of a number of bands, Cea Serin manages to avoid copying anyone too closely, giving the album a sound of its own.

Make no mistake; this is some top-flight prog-metal, featuring all of the expected twists, turns, and excesses inherent in the genre. Keith Warman shines as a guitar virtuoso-in-waiting, absolutely shredding the strings with his solos (check out the extended break section in “The End of Silence”). As well, Jay Lamm is more than up to the task of driving the rest of the music, as each instrument is played flawlessly. My only complaint comes from his vocals. He occasionally uses a black metal-ish rasp that, while certainly novel in progressive metal, is a little too uncontrolled and irritating. As for singing, while he is no Dickinson or Dio, Lamm conveys enough emotion in his voice to be effective.

This album is a complete surprise to me, but a great one. WHERE MEMORIES COMBINE is an absolute triumph, and I am positive that Cea Serin will one day be a leader in progressive metal.
Track Listing

The Surface of Things:
1) A Fracture In Forever
2) Embracing The Absence
3) Meridian’s Tear
4) The End Of Silence

Scripted Suffering:
5) Within And Without
6) Into The Vivid Cherishing

Bonus Track:
7) An Evening At The Suicide Cafe


Jay Lamm: Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
Keith Warman: Guitars



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