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Cause for Revelation
Resurrecting the Hostility
September 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

From the mighty Milwaukee comes hardcore/metal hybrid Cause for Revelation. Following up 2004’s SURVIVING THE DESTRUCTION EP is the recently released full length debut, RESURRECTING THE HOSTILITY. Featuring a couple of ex-Jungle Rot alumni, Cause for Revelation deliver a potent concoction of metallicized hardcore, in the vein of bands like Hatebreed, Terror, and All Out War. And while this general musical suburb is already pretty crowded, RESURRECTING THE HOSTILITY is a worthy addition to the neighborhood.

Cause for Revelation don’t necessarily reinvent any wheels here, but I get the sense that they’re not trying to. The mission of the day is crush, kill, destroy, repeat. Keeping that in mind while listening to the 11 tracks on the album, you can easily declare “mission accomplished”. After a kooky, east Indian styled intro, RESURRECTING THE HOSTILITY is pretty balls out from start to finish. In true hardcore fashion, the songs are aggressively quick, to the point, and pit friendly, courtesy of a wall of thick guitar crunch and Austin Thomas’ raging shouts. The tunes tend to blitz by (most are around the 2½ minute mark), so just as they’re starting to sink in, they’re done. I suppose there’s an intentional hit and run strategy in place, but it causes some the tracks to blend together after a bit.

Cause for Revelation will be too metal for some, too hardcore for others, but hey – heavy is heavy. And these guys are definitely heavy. If you’ve got an open mind, RESURRECTING THE HOSTILITY is a good time.
Track Listing

2.Nothing To Gain
3.Resurrecting The Hostility
4.Destroying Recollections
5.Never Ending
6.Another Failure
7.No One Cares
8.My Own Fate
9.All Or Nothing
10.Carry The Weight


Austin Thomas - Vocals
Kevin Forsythe - Guitar
Ryan Baxter - Bass
Jim Garcia - Drums

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