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March 2000
Released: 1999, Omega Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Joe

I first heard Cage on a Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles sampler disc back in May of last year. One listen to "Dancing Around the Fire" and I knew I had to get their CD. But after checking out the band’s website ( with the hope of ordering a copy of Unveiled, I discovered that the band accepted "domestic orders only" (read: NO ORDERS OUTSIDE USA). It was like my quest for Racer X all over again! (See Sept. ‘99 reviews.) So after reading that little bit of disappointing info, I pushed Cage further down my "must buy" list and continued to purchase CD’s that I considered to be "high priority".

About six months and several hundred dollars later, I found out that Unveiled was available at Metal Disc. Of course, Christmas was upon me and I had a few other CD’s on order so Cage was once again out of the question. But as soon as the holidays had passed and the kind folks at MasterCard were paid off, I decided it was finally time to get this disc. So after another extensive wait (this one was back-ordered, too), Cage arrived only few days after my copy of Seven Witches.

Described by BW&BK as "Pretty much the album Priest should have made instead of Jugulator...", I could hardly wait to put to that statement to the test. Well, after listening to this disc numerous times now, I’ll respond by saying this... It’s good, but it’s not THAT good. (*Note: I’m one of the few people who really liked Jugulator, so a lot of you may disagree with my opinion.) The CD opens with "Shoot To Kill", an impressive double-bass driven song in which a strong Jugulator era Judas Priest influence can be heard. Other standout tracks include "Modern Darkness", Devil Inside", "Disaster", and of course, "Dancing Around the Fire". And while the bulk of the material on Unveiled ranges from good to very good, it also has a couple of not-so-good tunes as well. "Release Me" and "Buried in the Box" are pretty... Uh... Well... Crappy (There... I said it.). And the last cut on the album, "Asta La Vista", while very good musically, is (for me, anyway) ruined by lame lyrics about a bad break-up. (I’ll admit that I found it humorous at first, but the novelty quickly wore off.)

In addition to the 15 tracks (13 songs, 2 intros), there is also a multi-media section for viewing on your PC. I hoped to see some video clips, but unfortunately the enhanced section merely consists of a band biography and photos (Excellent quality pics, though.). I realize I should be thankful for any extras a band puts on their albums, but ever since I bought Iron Savior’s Interlude I now want some live footage or no enhancement at all. Yeah, I know... I’m spoiled.

So if anything I’ve just said has piqued your interest in Cage at all, there are a couple of sound files at the band’s official site (*See above link.) that you can check out. Oh! And try not to confuse them with another band named Cage that features former members of the glam act XYZ. (We wouldn’t want that now, would we?)
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