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Lost Chronicles Of The War In Heaven/Promo
September 2000
Released: 2000, Independent/Underwood Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The full album Chronicles… is the best representation of the fury that Catholicon is capable of. Playing metal somewhere between black and death, the band tear through a full hour of Christ-hate. Actually, tear through isn’t entirely accurate, as Catholicon isn’t afraid to slow the pace down to an evil chug (no, not beer). Indeed, there is a lot of variety over the course of the album, most of which unfortunately takes place in the first seven songs or so. “Contract In Blood” is one of those evil intro pieces that prepares the listener for the blasphemy to come. I swear, I’m getting kinda sick of this stuff. How many times do we have to hear eerie voices and devilish nature sounds? Beh, pass. “Anti-Life” and “Heir To The Throne” are fairly raucous numbers that remind me of some of the best work of other underground black warriors, possibly even a less keyboard-oriented Stormlord. Well, not really, but it’s the best comparison I can think of. “Ashes Of Eden” is a really cool ambient/piano piece that actually does sound fairly creepy while at the same time giving the listener a break from the full-out assault of the rest of the album. While “Virulent and “Thorns Of The Crown” are wicked thrashers, the rest of the album follows their formula much too closely (except for the down right happy and out of place “The Gereral’s Lament”). This album could have easily made the same statement with five less songs.

As for the newer material, the best is easily “14th Century Apocalypse”, where the band just gives up and goes berserk, pounding the living shit out of their instruments in a frenzy of hate. This song could stop a religious group at 500 yards. Unfortunately, the rest of the new material follows along the same path the was forged on Chronicles…, without much variation. Guys – play with your formula, experimentation is not a bad thing! Still, I can’t complain with what Catholicon has presented here. This is some very evil music! Price is $10 U.S./$12 World, in U.S. funds only. Contact: Web:
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