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The Science of Annihilation
May 2010
Released: 2009, Music Buy Mail
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Cage's latest album, THE SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION, has the band sounding angrier than ever. Depending on what you like, this might be to the detriment of the music as they risk losing their melody and appeal to the fans of more melodic forms of power metal. For those who listen mainly to extreme forms of metal, this is exactly what may attract you to the band and is also what separates Cage from so many others. For me, I'm kind of on the fence. At times this is exactly what I need to hear, and then there are times when the over-the-top-ness with the screaming and hammer you over the head speed can be a little much. At times the extreme aggression seems to bury the melody and detracts from the songs.

After the obligatory spoken into, the album’s first song, "Planet Crusher", kicks in immediately with no build up or intro. It just slams into high gear with full on crushing speed metal drums/guitars/vocals right away...instant gratification! Similarly, "Scarlet Witch" keeps the breakneck speed and nearly constant scream style vocals...until the chorus where things get interesting and vocalist Sean Peck sounds a little like Harry from Jag Panzer. It's too bad the only memorable part of the song is the chorus though. "Spirit of Vengeance" starts with a more interesting riff and offers a welcome change from the previous two tracks. Again, a strong chorus, but it’s not the only great thing in the song as the riffs and vocal melodies are more palatable in this track. "Black River Falls" starts with promise and then moves into King Diamond territory with some decent imitations of King's "evil" voice, which here sounds almost like Immortal, and then the falsetto voice with of course plenty of Sean's own vocal style.

I really enjoy this album despite some reservations where I think more time should of went into writing the songs than over-working the vocals with what I’d consider near-insane levels of screaming...and this is coming from someone who loves the screaming vocals of Rob Halford, Ralf Scheepers, Tim “Ripper” Owens, etc. Sean’s vocals are up there with any of these fine singers but could use a little restraint and work on the melodies with more overall catchiness put into the material. Regardless, with THE SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION Cage again proves that they are deserving of their place at the forefront of American power metal. If you think all power metal is meant to be flowery, then let Cage annihilate your preconceptions.
Track Listing

The Power That Feeds (0:34)
Planet Crusher (5:21)
Scarlet Witch (5:19)
Spirit Of Vengeance (5:38)
Black River Falls (5:50)
Operation Overlord (4:41)
Power Of A God (5:08)
Speed Kills (4:04)
Stranger In Black (4:16)
Die Glocke (5:15)
Spectre Of War (2:13)
Science Of Annihilation (5:37)
At The Edge Of The Infinite (1:46)


Sean Peck: vocals
Dave Garcia: guitars
Anthony Wayne McGinnis: guitars
Mike Giordano: bass
Norm Leggio: drums

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