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Supremacy Of Steel
April 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

When I think of the raison d’etre (or the prime directive if you will) of I always think of Cage. I don’t know why, but this band springs to mind as the type of band, just pure Metal, that we at live to talk about, champion, support and endorse. Sure there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of bands world-wide in this style, but Cage just seem to typify the totally committed underground band that defends the faith and worships the masters at the altar of steel.

I want to tell you my Cage story. I called up Metal Disc (the American mail-order company) one day back in late 1998 and was chatting to the dude on the phone just shooting the shit asking what is new. He played me, over the phone, the opening part of ‘Shoot to Kill’, Track 1, on an album called UNVEILED by a brand new band from San Diego called Cage. I heard that Halford/Ripper-esque scream at the beginning of the song, thought to myself, “Holy Fuck” and after I picked my jaw off the floor, I added the album to my order immediately. I remember that epic scream (even over the phone) as clear as day. I’ve been trapped in the Cage ever since. Have you ever done that before? Do a ‘blind buy’ just based on hearing a tiny clip or just seeing the cover? I did and I’m glad. Cage’s debut came at a time when fans like me were starved for Metal, coming at the beginning of the global resurgence of True Metal (which continues unabated to this day) and here we are celebrating their sixth album SUPREMACY OF STEEL.

Let's run through the basics. Great album cover. Very detailed. Two new dudes in the band. Steve Brodgen replaces Anthony McGinnis on guitar and Pete Stone replaces Mikey G. on bass. Great production as always. 11 tracks for an hour, some versions come with a different bonus cut and there is a two disc ultimate edition with all sorts of goodies.

The opening cut is almost too heavy. I know that sounds odd. In the grand scheme of things it's not that heavy, ya know compared to Death or Grind, but for straight ahead USPM, it's pretty damn heavy, almost on the edge...are those blast-beats and death growls? Almost, not quite, but almost. Whatever it is, the opening track 'Bloodsteel' is pretty damn fierce. The album soon settles into that just driving Metal zone. Songs come flying thick fast and heavy like the riffs. Straight up arrangements set up Peck for his trademark screams. The lyrics of track four 'Metal Empire' could be nominated for Metal anthem of the year with the opening screams being the icing on the cake. 'Braindead Woman' is punchy and catchy as hell and the US bonus track 'skinned Alive' sees Peck channeling his inner-Annihilator. I think the only time the bands ease off the throttle (a bit) is the 7+ minute track 'Annaliese Michel' which would fit on any mid-years KIng Diamond album. I'm serious. Go play a random track from say...HOUSE OF GOD and then play this track and you will be impressed! There is not a bad song on this album.

The average rating for the last five Cage albums reviewed on is four out of five, which by our definition is ‘Something Every Metal Fan Should Own’. That sums up SUPREMACY OF STEEL just perfectly.
Track Listing

1. Bloodsteel
2. The Beast of Bray Road
3. King of the Wasteland
4. Metal Empire
5. War Of The Undead
6. Flying Fortress
7. Doctor Doom
8. Annaliese Michel
9. Braindead Woman
10. The Monitor
11. Hell Destroyer vs. Metal Devil


Sean Peck-Vocals
Steve Brogden-Guitars
Dave Garcia-Guitars
Pete Stone -Bass
Norm Leggio-Drums

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