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Catch 22
Time Reveals All
July 2000
Released: 1998, Independent
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Catch 22 from Marietta, Ohio are a 4-piece powerthrash outfit who show some great potential on their full-length CD Time Reveals All.

When I first put this on my thoughts were of indifference. It doesn't grab you right away. The intro to the CD's opening track "Time Reveals All" showed some great promise with some very tasty drum fills over a clean guitar part. After the intro the song went downhill. The second track didn't grab my attention much either. Finally on the third track "Darkest of My Days" the vocals caught my ear, especially on the chorus. The vocals go from a melodic type of thing to Halford like screaming - pretty cool stuff. In a few other places on the CD the vocals take on this Halford-ism. They are also at times melodic like on the track "Sands of Time." There are a few songs on here that suffer from the "heard it before" syndrome such as the track "Empty" - typical "groove metal." "Etched Inside A Sorrowful Scream" was sort of hard rock sounding but Skid Row coulda done a better job at this semi hard rock sounding track that sounds out of place compared to the other songs. "Disgruntled" has some very intense drumming - too bad the kick drums sound so bad, like some old underground recording from the early 80's. "Burn" has a killer guitar intro with a big-time Maiden feel - great stuff and probably my favorite track on the CD! "Should've Seen it Comin' Before" - has a crappy pseudo rap section. I'm glad that's the only song on here that goes anywhere near that. "Think For Yourself" ends on a very cool part with some chanted gang vocals a la Overkill followed by some killer drum work. "Skies of Black" has a cool acoustic part about 3 mins in which leads me to what is one of the problems here. Songs seem to be either hit or miss and some songs have a cool section in it like that but the rest of the song is typical. My other criticism is with the sound quality of this CD, it's not quite the best. The drums sound bad, especially the kick drums that although played very well have no power behind them. The overall sound of the CD is thin. I'm sure it would be a lot more palatable if this were professionally recorded. On a closing note, I get the impression that these guys are a Christian metal band. Most all members thank god in the liner notes and songs like "Burn" question if mankind's sin's have surmounted to a level that god cannot correct even by having Jesus die for our sins again...ummm sure. This is not blatant preachy stuff so I have no problem with this.

These 4 guys represent some great raw talent that needs to be polished with more focused song writing and a proper sounding recording. With those ingredients I know I'd be into this a lot more. Since this CD was released in 1998, I hope that a new CD from Catch 22 is forthcoming this year. I also hope they are able to overcome the problems of this release.
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