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Catapult The Dead
A Universal Emptiness
January 2018
Released: 2017, Doom Stew Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

First and foremost, what an excellent name for a band. The visions this alone bring to my demented little brain are good enough as is. Flinging bodies away sounds like so much fun, but let us not get carried away, as this is very serious music. Very serious indeed.

A six piece (Yes six, that’s right) band from Oakland California, these guys certainly know how to bring the DOOM. Unlike a lot of Doom though they have an edge to them that I can only call metallic. Well fucking duh they are a metal band I hear you say, let me explain. The tone of their delivery is a lot harder edged than some bands that lurk in the proverbial mire of misery, and that for one is an instant thumbs up from me.

So many Doom bands sound sound so low that you literally want to go neck yourself, or at the very least put something slightly more uplifting on after a few tracks. I am by no means saying that these guys aren’t doomy enough to make the planet and endless rainy day, but they do possess the ability to get the toe that you were about to cut off tapping so to speak.

Doom is a subjective thing. Be it yours, or mine, or theirs, it can be an absolute bummer of an experience in the wrong hands. Dull, dreary and deadshit boring. This is none of those. Miserable and foreboding yes, dull, not a chance in hell.

I still wanna chuck corpses over a wall after hearing this, but mine and theirs won’t be amongst them. Great stuff. The cover art is also exquisite by the way.

Review by Andrew Cook.
Track Listing

1. Till It Goes Away
2. Anti-Aether
3. Last Breath
4. Burning Words


Ben Hiteman - Vocals/Percussion
Emad Dajani - Guitar
Thomas Lilliston - Guitar
Garrick O'Connor - Keyboards/Guitar
Dan Brownson - Bass
Patrick Spain - Drums



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