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...Lunar Eclipse, Chaos to the Ruin...
March 2009
Released: 2009, Twilight-Vertrieb
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Grim, frostbitten, raw and über trOO and über kvlt black metal to-the-utter-flesh-and-bone, all the way from Osaka, Japan. Total respect perhaps? Uhm, yes - or maybe no. I mean, the same kinds of hellish hordes of similar sounding black metal acts are simply countless these days - and the number of them is just increasing all the time...

In fact, there´s simply nothing there that could separate this horned, vicious sounding Japanese black metal beast CataplexY from countless piles of other chaotic, primitive and trOO-than-yer-filthy-underpants black metal combos that have already done this style zillions of times before - some worse, some even better. As much as I should respect the efforts they have put into this release, I simply can´t. In fact, CataplyxY´s lunar-this-and-that, which is also their debut album respectively, left me somewhat numb. I really don´t know what to say about this, whether I should like it or not. Leaving me in the middle of the road with my confused and mixed feelings, is actually the worst thing I can gain when listening to this record. Part of me would like to throw a few thumbs up for them for their achievements on their debut record, when on the other hand, the other half of me would temp me to throw even some harsh criticism toward CataplexY´s direction. However, I felt like it´d be better for me to hold my horses more carefully this time though, I guess.

Didn´t get my kicks out of this at all, sorry. Better luck next time though.
Track Listing

01. Dawn of the Black Sun
02. Hideous Path of Hate from the Abyss
03. Under the Moonlight of Sorrow
04. Graces of Infidel Blood
05. Blazing Choir under the Secrets of Hell
06. Burn the False Idols
07. Elegy of the Rotten Angel
08. Desolate Winds from the Devastated Souls
09. Groan of Eternal Hate


M. Curselord - Vocals
Sadis Gordinn - Guitar
The Final Slaughter - Drums

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