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Still Suffering
September 2008
Released: 2008, Très-Gore Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Catafalc are an Estonian death metal band and STILL SUFFERING – their second full length, is a solid no frills effort that will appeal to lovers of the extreme. Sure it’s brutal but Catafalc’s main asset is their ability to arrange their riffs in such a tasteful manner. Yep, I said tasteful. Where most modern death metal bands opt for a somewhat mechanical approach Catafalc use dynamics and hooks to maintain interest and that’s rather refreshing.

‘Vituperated Mundane’ opens the album and it combines a number of very cool riffs with intense vocals to create a very memorable tune. ‘Friendly Fire’ is next and it is an intelligent mix of blastbeats and grind that should impress most extreme metal fans into Decapitated, Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. The remainder of the album maintains a similar standard and on ‘Mutilated Ghoul’ the band even add a little groove ala Six Feet Under. The whole album is topped off with an “earthy” production that complements the overall feeling of dread that envelopes the album.

For a young band onto their second release Catafalc have put together a rather enjoyable album, one that covers all the necessary ground one expects of a death metal album. It gives a little more with some great songs and ideas steering the album to a very successful conclusion, rather than being technical for sake of it. STILL SUFFERING will certainly satisfy your death metal needs…check it out.
Track Listing

Friendly Fire
Will to Kill
Chopped by the Ripper
Mutilated to Ghoul
Fleshmarket Homicide
Still Suffering


Eero "Nagy" Soomere - Vocals
Ando Enns - Guitar
Mihkel Muru - Guitar
Raino "Uziel" Suurna - Bass
Eero Mitt - Drums

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