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Casket Casey
Coffin Up Bones
April 2006
Released: 2005, Blood and Guts Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

To tell you the truth, when I got COFFIN' UP BONES in my mail I didn’t expect a lot from this Swedish foursome. Maybe it was the uninteresting artwork, or the fact that I am no MCD lover, but something was telling me that Casket Casey wouldn’t offer me anything. I gave it a first listen and nothing, a second one and nothing, even a third one and still nothing. Since I had to review it for the site, I decided to give it a fourth and final listen and bam, here is where it all came together.

COFFIN' UP BONES is an amazing Horror Rock/Metal band formed from the ashes of Otyg, which includes the amazing Cia Hedmark on vocals. Her voice is so beautiful that you will be taken to a state of hypnosis throughout the 17 minutes of this interesting debut. The lyrics in COFFIN' UP BONES are about a female necrophiliac whose name you already know, Casket Casey.

The opener “Back to Life” is without a doubt the best song in this EP. It has an incredible Goth feeling that flows perfectly with the beautiful dark melody in the chorus. “Cold Flesh and Bone” is an hypnotic piece that has a pretty twisted piano throughout the song. This one reminds me a bit about The Gathering, a much darker one though. “She’s Been Bad” is what I would call the perfect example of Death Rock. Nothing more and nothing less. And “Still” has got to be the most hypnotic song in COFFIN' UP BONES. It is mostly a one-rhythm song that embraces you little by little until it suffocates you.

If she ever asked for it, I would give Casket Casey permission to continue her Necrophiliac adventures. She knows how to do handle them pretty well. I hope that in their debut full-length, the band is able to maintain the quality level of the first two songs. If that is the case, I can assure you that Casket Casey’s debut will be in my top ten of the year it is released. Now, just as advice, I recommend the band using a more natural drum sound next time. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

1.Back To Life
2.Cold Flesh and Bone
3.She's Been Bad


Cia Hedmark - Vocals
Mattias Marklund - Guitars
Patrik Pettersson - Bass
Stefan Strömberg - Drums

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