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Carpathian Forest
We`re Going To Hell For This: Over A Decade Of Perversions
February 2004
Released: 2002, Avant Garde
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Carpathian Forest has provided an excellent introduction to the band with WE’RE GOING TO HELL FOR THIS: OVER A DECADE OF PERVERSIONS. This CD features live tracks, cover songs, demos, re-recordings and a couple of new tracks, too. Of course the band remains true to their old school black metal sound, but the thing about Carpathian Forest is that they break up the monotony of blastbeats and shrieking with samples and excellent production.

“The Angel And The Sodomizer” kicks off the album with its Motorhead/Venom-like riff. This is the best track on the CD and also features the priceless lyric: “Gangbang the Virgin Mary…’til she’s bleeding out the anus.” “I Am Possessed” has a cool sample done by “Brainwashed Christian Cunt” that backs the song and the sampling/effects continue on “The Good Old Enema Treatment (Part II).” Behind the music is a disturbing clip of a woman being tortured and screaming while Latin mass is mixed over top, as well. Of the three cover songs, Carpathian Forest’s version of Venom’s “In League With Satan” is the best. Going against their own style as well as Venom’s, they have slowed the track down from the original, but they kept the backward masking at the beginning from the original. Don’t miss the hidden track at the end of the CD, either. This song again features some form of torture used as a backer for a nifty sax, piano and, harmonica-based instrumental. The other half of this CD contains live versions of Carpathian Forest tracks taken from a Swiss show in 2001 and the 2002 Inferno Festival. The live tracks have excellent production and the band certainly seems to tear things up on stage, though the choice to have the songs end rather than fade into one another with crowd noise always slows the momentum of a live recording.

The booklet of a Carpathian Forest CD is always a treat and this one is no different. Included are pictures of the band’s shit, partially nude S&M models, torture, blasphemous images and rhetoric, creepy photos and some interesting liner notes written by Nattefrost himself that chronicle the history of the band and some background on the songs.

As an introduction to the band, you can’t go wrong with this CD. Even if you already own all the Carpathian Forest studio albums, don’t hesitate to pick this one up to round out your collection.

KILLER KUTS: “The Angel And The Sodomizer,” “I Am Possessed,” “Sadomasochistic"
Track Listing

1. The Angel And The Sodomizer
2. I Am Possessed
3. Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell
4. Bloodlust & Perversion (New Version)
5. The Possibilities Of Life’s Destruction (Discharge cover)
6. In The Shadow Of The Horns (Darkthrone cover)
7. In League With Satan (Venom cover)
8. The Good Old Enema Treatment (Part II)
9. Morbid Fascination Of Death (Live)
10. Sadomasochistic (Live)
11. Mask Of The Slave (Live)
12. Knokkelmann (Live)
13. Bloodcleansing (Live)
14. Return Of The Freezing Winds (Live)
15. Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead (Live)
16. He’s Turning Blue (Live)
17. Carpathian Forest (Live)
18. Death Triumphant (Demo Version)


Hellcommander Nattefrost—Vocals/Guitar

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