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Carnal Lust
Whore of Violence
November 2003
Released: 2003, Diamond
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Diamond Records Spotlight

There is a small French label called Diamond Productions (distributed in Canada by Galy) who have just entered the metal sweepstakes and have recently released two CD’s in the death metal genre. Here is a look at the firs tbands on the label Carnal Lust and Kabbal. I have decided to do a double feature as these bands are both French, both started in 1999 and both play the same style of metal. Visit for more details and for news on their latest signing a band called Golem.

Nice cover art! An evil-sexual montage that reminds me of a wicked cross between Wes Benscoter and Gieger. Nasty! Carnal Lust are brutal death metal, very fast and on occasion they slide into black Metal territory with some shrieks and blast-beats. The whole thin is very fast lots of double kick and not much else. The production is a little bit murky, not as clear and punchy as label mates, Kabbal. I’d like to hear the drums and bit louder or sit somewhere else in the mix.

The vocals are nice and low with a decent death gurgle, punctuated by the aforementioned higher shrieks. The guitar tone could be beefed up and I don’t like how they rely on the harmonic squeal too much. Throw in a lick or a drum fill instead to break it up a bit instead. It would make for a more interesting song. Overall the songs are short and intense as good death metal should be, lots of sonic hatred to be found.

Carnal Lust suffer from poor packaging. It’s really dark and blurry, the photos are hard to see, the lyrics are heard to read. The English translations need work to as tunes like ‘Hard Drinker’ and ‘Lost Into The Chaos’ don’t work very well. What the hell is ‘Grind Porc” supposed to mean? In fact, the entire lyrics need work as outdated ideas like ‘Outlaw’, ‘Scared’ and ‘The Last Soldier’ don’t come across well as death metal songs However, ‘Human Die and ‘Psychotic Dementia’ do work well.

Those little complaints aside Carnal Lust seem to be the more advanced and heavier band on the small label. A decent addition to the collection of a die-hard death metal fan.
Track Listing

1. Psychotic Dementia

2. Scared

3. Messiah

4. Infectious Mind

5. The Last Soldier

6. Outlaw

7. Human Die

8. Hard Drinker

9. Lost Into Chaos

10. Grind Porc


Jerome-Vocals, drums
Nickro-Bass, vocals



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