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Carnal Forge
Who`s Gonna Burn (Remaster)
January 1998
Released: 1998, Regain Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Regain Records are going to re-release a bunch of albums that’s been re-mastered, a few with bonus track added and some without bonus track and simply just re-remastered, this Carnal Forge debut is the first re-release.

Jari comes from Thy Dreams, Stefan/Johan/Dennis are from Steel Attack and Jonas from Dellamorte. Jari and Stefan founded Carnal Forge back in '97 because they wanted to do something different from what they were doing with their original bands. A demo was recorded and they landed a contract and the work with the debut album started. A debut that has been really hard to get a hand on but now it’s available again. The ten track album WHO’S GONNA BURN was recorded at the same place as the demo that means in Studio Underground in Västerås, Sweden. It was recorded during February/March '98 by P-O Saether and the band together. All of the music/lyrics are written by the band.

This was the bands first stumbling steps on were they are today. They play hard/brutal/aggressive trash metal but it sounds a bit old school and Jonas vocals sounds a bit limited to what it does today. His voice capacity has grown trough the years. Because Petri (Jaris brother) wasn’t a member of the band back then they lack the brilliant guitar riffs that they have today.

This is a really strong debut album with some really good aggressive/brutal trash metal. Eventhough I think that they have improved and developed musically to the better trough the years this is a really stable album.
Track Listing

Who’s Gonna Burn
Sweet Bride
Godzilla Is Coming Thru
The Other Side
Part Animal…Part Machine
Born To Hate


Jari Kuusisto – Guitar
Stefan Westerberg – Drums
Dennis Westman – Bass
Johan Magnusson – Guitar
Jonas Kjellgren – Lead Vocals

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