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Carnal Forge
November 2000
Released: 2000, Century Media Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

When your woman says "...that's driving me so nuts, it's putting me in a bad mood", you know you have one BRUTAL CD on! Hahaha! Well this CD gets a 5/5 for aggressiveness. When you feel like ripping someone's head off, put this on and blare out a few blasphemous screams of "EERRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!" There, feel better already?!?! So just who are Carnal Forge? Well they are one in a long line of thrash/death metal bands a la Defleshed, Witchery, The Crown etc... These guys are probably more brutal...brutal like Defleshed's Fast Forward or brutal like a more intense version of Slayer meets The Haunted. It's of no surprise then that Carnal Forge are also from Sweden. What in the water over there man?? I fucking want some of that!!!!!!

This album has one helluva mix. The guitars are thick as hell and their crunch has the power to snap necks. The machine gun riffing mixed with thrashing triplets and tremelo picked passages are accompanied by furious drumming. There's only one word for this monster - VICIOUS! In this beast's strength also lies it's their determination to play over the top "TOTAL SATAN" insanity for every song, they lose a VERY important ingredient - diversity. There is a one dimensionality to this music that can seem either "focused" or to others (like me) as a severe lack of dynamics! This means that although the songs on here all have their moments it's hard to pick one song from the other making it seem like one evil wall of noise. And no, it's not a result of an untrained ear - I've heard quite my share of death and brutal thrash over the years...this goes beyond that. Many songs start out with this killer rhythm and the drums slam in and you're like YES!! Then it just bangs away like the song before it....soon enough you'll be looking at the player wondering what track it's on. OK so there are a couple of things that stood out. For example the song "I Smell Like Death (Son of A Bastard" is varied enough that it grabbed me from the onslaught. The other two songs that made me think (instead of slamming me into a mind numbing metallic stupor) were "Uncontrollable" with it's ULTRA HEAVY Pantera-ish riffing. Then there is "Headfucker" with a major Forbidden (slobber, slaver, drool) sounding opening/main riff!!! The 1:50 section of this track breaks into this total Slayer breakdown that will make you wanna stop whatever it is your doing and just raise your hand in the metal salute....all hail the glory that is metal!! :-)

So if you're looking to drive the neighbors (or your significant other) nuts, play this fucker LOUD! If you are pissed off at something or someone this is one of those albums to add to the "healing" pile. I hope this band's next outing is a little more wide-ranging in the music and vocal department. If they can overcome this problem then watch out....
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