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Cardinal Sin
Spiteful Intents
August 2001
Released: 1996, W.A.R – Wrong Again Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: El Cid

Hidden Gem Selection

If you’ve ever thought you’d give anything to have some CD you can never find in any of the stores you visit, any site you search, any friend’s collection you browse then that CD must have been issued by W.A.R. What better example to prove my point than mentioning Arch Enemy’s debut Opus BLACK EARTH? Every metalhead who likes the Gothenburg sound has tried at one time or another to get his hands on this prized CD and not everyone has succeeded. Well the same is true for Cardinal Sin’s SPITEFUL INTENTS. This EP was released in 1996… I’ll let it sink in a bit…1996!! I have been looking for it forever and all I had was a CD-R. Well I finally found and now I’m going to recommend it to you as a twisted vengeance on anyone who likes black metal mixed with Gothenburg style or would like to know what this sounds like.

This offering is composed of only 4 songs (no, no Opeth-like marathon songs) because it’s an EP, so that alone might turn you off. But believe me when I tell you this thing is worth everything you have to do to get it. It just is amazing, insane drumming, excellent guitar work and great vocals complexly arranged to create a mixture of Norwegian black metal with Gothenburg melodies and a screechy voice that is somewhere between black and doom metal. It’s just EXCELLENT.

So dats dat, my view on this one is that if you can get your hands on it, you’re a very lucky metalhead! Good luck!
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