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Cardiac Arrest/Mutant Supremacy
Split 7"
July 2013
Released: 2013, HGPD Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Blessed be the gods of old school death metal, as they have graced us with yet another offering of gut wrenching aural depravity. This time, it’s in the form of an eviscerating new 7” split from Chicago’s own Cardiac Arrest and NYC upstarts Mutant Supremacy. A ten minute blast of retro gore metal goodness of the best possible kind, THIS is what the underground is all about folks.

Cardiac Arrest have the first two tracks, “Unhinged” and “Self Loathing”. Devoid of any kind of pretentiousness or pleasantries, Cardiac Arrest raze the path before them in the vein of early Incantation, Embalmer, and Broken Hope. Fast, guttural, and circle pit ready, the two tracks proudly wave the flag of early 90’s death metal with complete and total reverence. Cardiac Arrest has been releasing records since the early 2000’s, and if you’re at all fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to check out last year’s VORTEX OF VIOLENCE. Up next is Mutant Supremacy; a much younger act than Cardiac Arrest, but no less lethal. The band retains the traditional death metal flavor, but has a more frantic, grind feel on “Gruesome Tableau” and “They Came With Fire”. There’s definitely some early Exhumed in the band’s CD collection, as well probably several copies of Terrorizer’s WORLD DOWNFALL. Great stuff across the board.

Released through HGPD Productions, the split is limited to a run of 500 copies and pressed on translucent green vinyl (looks amazing, btw). The price tag is dirt cheap, even for territories outside the US, so these will likely run out quickly. If you like your death metal straight up and on the rocks, or if you agree that old school is the only school, this new split from Cardiac Arrest and Mutant Supremacy will sate the voices in your head. The split should be available in late July, check out the HGPD website for purchase info.
Track Listing

1. Cardiac Arrest – Unhinged
2. Cardiac Arrest – Self Loathing
3. Mutant Supremacy – Gruesome Tableau
4. Mutant Supremacy – They Came With Fire


Cardiac Arrest:
Adam Scott - Vocals, Guitars
Dave Holland - Bass, Vocals
Tom Knizner - Guitars, Vocals
Nick Gallichio - Drums

Mutant Supremacy:
Winslow - Bass, Vocals
Robert Nelson - Drums, Vocals
Sam Awry - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Curt Johnston – Guitars

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