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The Shadows
July 2002
Released: 2002, The End Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

So Cadaveria, the ex-lead vocalist of Opera IX (also reviewed this month) has created a band of her own, under her name. Huzzah. So what does that mean for the metal scene? Well, after listening to this album and Opera IX’s new one, the answer is this: two mind-numbingly boring albums.

To make this snoozer, Cadaveria enlisted the help of two ex-Necrodeath members plus some other people who apparently weren’t fit enough to mention in the bio. Statement in itself right there. Together the band plays a fairly rote style of gothic black metal, not quite as keyboard oriented as Opera IX, but definitely within the same ballpark. Part of the problem is that Cadaveria’s vocals yea and verily suck. Her growls are OK, but her “singing” voice sounds like an awful concoction of shouting and coughing. Not exactly engaging. The rest of the band are competent enough to help her out however, especially the guitarist, whose talent cannot be buried by the tepid music. Although judging by the playing on the album, the trumpeting of the Necrodeath members seems more for name dropping value than musical talent. Yeah, they can play, but they are nothing special.

As for the songs? Meh. Not a single song on this disc really caught my ears. Opener “Spell” has some decent moments in the middle that are both heavy and catchy, but nothing much on the album jumps out and screams “LISTEN TO ME!” I dunno, maybe more effort has to be put into “getting” what the band has to say, but I don’t have the patience to try. Besides, something tells me that Cadaveria doesn’t have much to say anyway.

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