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Toxic Warriors
January 2010
Released: 2009, Metal Inquisition Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

It´s been said that this Taiwan crossover/thrash act sounds like early Kreator? Hmmm... quite interesting then even if the cold fact is that there are countless of young thrash bands around these days that all claim to sound like our favorite Teutonic thrashers in this very question.

TOXIC WARRIORS, this 12-song offering from our thrash friends from Taiwan, does indeed have something in it that makes (early) Kreator´s name to pop up from somewhere, added with some crossover into it as well. In fact, this does not sound as bad as I first thought it might sound like. It´s got almost the same energy, aggression and brutality like Kreator´s debut album ENDLESS PAIN although by no means Bazöoka´s honest intention is to overdo that classic German thrash masterpiece all over again, I guess. Where Kreator counts on more brutality and heaviness of thrash on ENDLESS PAIN, Bazöoka is more like a wildly rockin´ little brother of Kreator´s ENDLESS PAIN album on their debut release. TOXIC WARRIORS sounds pretty entertaining all in all; it´s vicious, it´s pretty relentless, it´s got some good songs on it, it´s adopted nicely some bits from crossover into it - and first and foremost, it only ´tries´ to be a honest rip-off from Kreator´s debut, but luckily not quite succeeding in that attempt, which is nothing but a good thing. They do come quite close to that classic Kreator´s thrash opus, but still leaving a fair enough amount of steps behind it.

A crossover injection through ENDLESS PAIN... like it? Then here´s something for you that you might even like - at least a little bit, perhaps.
Track Listing

01. March of The Dead
02. Hell Commando
03. The Airborne Troops of Death
04. Toxic Warriors
05. Blitzkrieg
06. Barrage
07. Burning Villages
08. 88mm Cannon
09. Dawn of The Assault
10. Raw Noise Attack
11. Combat Warfare
12. Inferno Ammo


Spike - Vocals
Po-Wei Liao - Guitar
Vic - Bass
Curseomind - Drums

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