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Blood Of Legends
June 2014
Released: 2014, Cruz Del Sur
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Greek metal band and leaders of Greek Epic metal scence, Battleroar delivers their fourth album this month, BLOOD OF LEGENDS. What’s interesting here? The new vocalist, Gerrit Philipp Mutz (Sacred Steel, Angel of Damnation, Dawn of Winter), the mature epic stuff and the musical progress.

If you are fan of Manilla Road, Omen, Cirith Ungol, Brocas Helm, Jag Panzer and Heavy Load, you have to listen to Battleroar discography from the first album (or even the first demo) to the latter effort, BLOOD OF LEGENDS, to see the epic musical evolution of a band that plays in the epic field but it lacks the popularity of Manowar. One characteristic of Battleroar’s love for the foresaid epic metal heroes is that they were named after a Heavy Load lyric from "Singing Swords" ("I Loved the Battleroar").

From the first time they have had a well-constructed hype among Greek metal fans, especially in underground circles, creating fans who followed them everywhere. From the very first time Metal Gods did love this band. From the beginning of their career they seemed to have the "star". What they did was very well received by both fans and critics.

One thing I can complain about this album is that there is not any “hit” in a good way. A second thing to complain is the lack of gripping and exciting refrains. I do like the use of violin instead of the epic support playing of keyboards and that is why this epic metal record is unique among the subgenre. The combination of an interesting majestic and “brave” concept and inspiring song writing really made that platter explode and we showered it with praise, adoration and fanboy kisses (of iron and steel). This album is a bit appealing at first because it has some of the most amazing stuff I have heard in years by Battleroar.

What we have here is quite good vocals by a great vocalist, epic metal musicianship by really good instrumentalists, a tight and clean production that uplifts the song quality, fast- and slow- and mid-tempo songs, with many guitar solos, special guitar leads that support the epicness that spreads out.

Battleroar’s BLOOD OF LEGENDS is taking the iconic aspects from their other bands, tweaking them to make them their own, and bringing them together in a brand new way. This is exactly what a great and focused metal band is supposed to do: draw on their previous body of work to create something new.
Track Listing

1. Stormgiven
2. The Swords Are Drawn
3. Poisoned Well
4. Blood of Legends
5. Immortal Chariot
6. The Curse of Manea
7. Valkyries Above Us
8. Chivalry
9. Exile Eternal
10. Relentless Waves


Alex Papadiamantis - Violin
Kostas Tzortzis - Guitar
Nick Papadopoulos - Drums
Antreas Sotiropoulos – Guitar
Stavros Aivaliotis – Bass
Gerrit Phillip Mutz - Vocals

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