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The Slaughter Returns
March 2010
Released: 2008, Metal On Metal Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

From Santiago, Chile, comes Battlerage that have been keeping their warrior´s torches high in the name of true heavy metal since 2002. The band´s 2 rare demos, METAL SLAUGHTER and RETURN OF THE AXEMAN, have found their way on CD – remastered, with 2 bonus tracks (of which one is previously unreleased, and the other a newly recorded old song), a 20-page booklet with all the necessary lyrics and liner notes.

These Chilean foursome in Battlerage seem to be relatively huge fans of Manowar, Omen and early Grave Digger if they allow us to base our opinions on the impact of their music that bounces back out of their songs when listening to this sort of ´compilation´ CD of their past songs. So yeah, this is pretty much old-fashioned, epic and true heavy metal to the max, obeying the same rules and principles that those 3 aforementioned testosterone-filled metal bands once hacked into stone back in the day.

In other words, if you want to put yourself into some sort of a nostalgic mood, hear songs about marching toward the bloody and big battlefields of true warriors - and just allowing a feel of sort of positive cheesiness and an overflowing machismo to surround you, then be my guest and invite Battlerage in as that´s what you are about to get when you place this disc into your CD drive. Battlerage neither makes you tremble in excitement or enthusiasm, nor they are able to make you tattoo the “Death to False Metal” slogan into your skin, but they somehow are still pretty entertaining to listen to, re-loading your brain with some homey flashbacks from the past times of 80s period of heavy metal. If this is what you want to experience, let Battlerage be your guide then for nearly the next 60-minutes that this disc lasts in its entire playing time.
Track Listing

01. Mortuus Advocare (intro)*
02. By Steel I Reign Supreme*
03. The Battle Slain*
04. Grind Their Bones*
05. Dark Arrival of Powers Malign*
06. Metal Slaughter**
07. Held High the Chaos Sword**
08. The Axeman (Omen cover)
09. Black Riders of Destruction**
10. From the Deepest Hell**
11. Steel Supremacy (outro)**
12. Blessed by the Axe (bonus track)
13. By Steel I Reign Supreme (bonus track)


* taken from the METAL SLAUGHTER demo 2003
** taken from the RETURN OF THE AXEMAN demo 2003


Fox-Lin Torres - Vocals
Daniel Román - Guitar and backing vocals
Luis Arenas - Guitar
Felipe Vuletich - Bass
Francisco Vera - Drums and backing vocals

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