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Rise to power
September 2015
Released: 2015, Metal blade Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Thrash for the most part always seems to infatuate itself in the bay area so it’s quite refreshing when a band sounds like a more modern, versatile version of this. Which is exactly how Battlecross sound on this new record, as well proving their mark in the genre.

The band was founded in 2003 by Tony Asta and Hiran Deraniyagala in Canton, MI, where the childhood best friends and neighbours who formed the earliest beginnings of Battlecross while attending Salem High School. Various members came and went. Since then they have released a Demo [2005] and the albums ; Push Pull Destroy [2010], Pursuit of Honour [2011], war of will [2013] all under their belts already the band are now back with Rise to power [2015].

The album opens with “Scars” which is the first bite of the melodic thrash apple that becomes quickly poisoned in murky vocals that are a punch to the gut. Comparing to previous album openers this one is straighter to the point – which is what you want, this is thrash after all. With no time to waste at all the album finds itself shredding its aggression all over “Not your slave” which is a solid wall of sound.

Self-defined as being a hybrid Cross-over Thrash and Classic American Heavy Metal blended. They prove this too be true during the excellent slice “absence” which floods in the expected blast beats with plenty of bombastic guitar work.

“Spoiled” is a piece that is phrased beautifully, the solos are placed appropriately and come across as part of the song, rather than just interruptions that some rookies of the genre misplace. “Rise to power” death thrash influences come in quick and fast, especially on the tracks “the climb” and “Blood and lies”.

“Blood and lies” in particular makes room for some experimentation within its confines and gets the audio juices flowing, it’s hard and crunchy and compliments track seven’s – “Bound by fear” arrival.

“Rise to power” so far has been like their previous releases a full on assault of adrenaline under forty minutes which does beg the need for another play through to get some more moments with this well-oiled sound. This is defiantly an album for fans of Skeletonwitch, Warbringer, Lamb of God and of course trad-thrash.

“Despised” after a riff filled introduction finds itself giving into furious tempos, and shout-a-long choruses, which you can help feeling a bit nostalgic over even though it’s all new material. “Shackles” lowers the pace compared to previous tracks, as it sets the way for the final track to arrive.

“The Path” is acoustically driven, until of course those drums with high end riff-age come to swipe out the calmness. With one final blow they band leave the listener needing more.

Overall this album is packed full of standard and traditional moments that you’re used to as well as some daring flamboyant riffs. It’s not without the staple well-loved standard vocal styles which re delivered seamlessness. “Rise to power” is not without the over the top extravagance of a typical thrash album either.

“Rise to power” finds itself breaking away from the standard fountain a lot of bands of this genre, drink from. It’s hard not to enjoy the speed and ferocity of “Rise to power”, Battlecross once again prove they are fine songwriters as well as being speed merchants.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

2.Not Your Slave
5.The Climb
6.Blood & Lies
7.Bound by Fear
10.The Path


Kyle Gunther - Vocals
Tony Asta - Guitar
Hiran Deraniyagala - Guitar
Don Slater - Bass
Alex Bent - Drums

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