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Battle Beast
Bringer Of Pain
February 2017
Released: 2017, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It is not very often that we will have two staff members write a review for the same album, unless there are significantly different opinions. This is one of those cases! I was surprised to see that one of our Greek writers, Manos X did not enjoy BRINGER OF PAIN by Battle Beast! I decided to write a very quick counter-point review because I loved this record! Please go read Manos X's excellent review, where he does a great job of explaining the history of the band as well as why he feels this albums falls short. In fact, read his first, it will make more sense.

I can't deny the band is evolving away from Power Metal to Pop Metal, and as much as that make make some people shudder as a fan of melodic Hard Rock, and AOR, I really like the direction. BRINGER OF PAIN with it's super clean production, heavy emphasis on keyboards and uber-catchy choruses reminds me very much of Lordi or even , imagine if you will an 80's Cher album on crack. Noora is an amazing singer, power, range, sweetness, as well she has has some spoken word parts and check out that opening scream on the title track! The band is exploring more variety in the song-writing with tunes like 'Lost In Wars' and some pop-inspired beats on tracks like 'King For A Day' with a huge 80's keyboard effect and a drum-beat that you could find on a heavier ABBA song. I know that will probably make most people shudder! Album highlights include' Bastard Son Of Odin', with a master chorus with gang-vocals. In his review Manos said the band was moving more towards Europe and Pretty Maids, which I agree with. I love both those bands too! I will admit that the second last song, "Dancing With The Beast' is a pretty dramatic change and will likely piss off lots of old fans. The first time I heard it I wondered what they were going for and could be the only weaker song on the record. The beat is right out of the disco club! Maybe that is why it is buried at track nine. The album ends off on a quieter note with a beautiful ballad with acoustic piano and heartfelt lyric. If you like fun, punchy pop Metal, this album rules.

It is odd but I agree with everything Manos X says in his his review, in terms of who and why the band released the album they did. In all respects his analysis and review of the new Battle Beast album, BRINGER OF PAIN is far superior to my own perspective, but I just can't help but loving this catchy, fun album. Give it a chance but try before you buy!
Track Listing

1. Straight to the Heart
2. Bringer of Pain
3. King for a Day
4. Beyond the Burning Skies
5. Familiar Hell
6. Lost in Wars
7. Bastard Son of Odin
8. We Will Fight
9. Dancing with the Beast
10. Far from Heaven


Noora Louhimo Vocals
Joona Björkroth Guitar
Juuso Soinio Guitar
Eero Sipilä Bass
Janne Björkroth Keyboards
Pyry Vikki Drums



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