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November 2001
Released: 2001, Black Mark Records
Rating: 3.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Well, let’s face it: BATHORY’s 10th full-length studio album, DESTROYER OF WORLDS, will surely raise a wave of controversy amongst the most devoted BATHORY fans who have always adored BATHORY because of their huge, colossally moving, epic-like albums like "Blood Fire Death", "Hammerheart", "Twilight of the Gods" or "Blood on Ice". Those ARE indeed THE albums that make BATHORY so fascinating and extraordinary for me and I’m pretty sure many other people share the same opinion and feelings with me without any hesitations.

Quorthon, probably the greatest of all the "modern vikings(!)", explained why he did such an album containing many different styles and sounds (from the basic, pure Rock n’ Roll to evil, thrashy death metal songs!!) by saying kindly the following to me:

“DESTROYER OF WORLDS was tailor-made for the taste of many various groups of the BATHORY fans. We have fans who enjoy heavy, slow, powerful Viking-styled Nordic Metal on some earlier BATHORY albums. We have fans that enjoy more brutal, hardcore death metal stuff we have done on the other albums. In order to please them all, we decided that this was the way it had to be done after almost five years of resting..."

The first three songs on the album - "Lake of Fire", "Destroyer of Worlds" and "Ode", definitely are THE ones that will please all those fans who think BATHORY are at their very best by doing songs that are to be found the above-mentioned albums. Shamelessly epic... and pompous... and bold - just like most of the BATHORY fans, I believe, would want them to be like, showing a brilliant craftsmanship of Quorthon as a composer for an utterly delicious doomy and moody Viking Metal as its called by many.

The fifth song, "Pestilence" continues the most “epic” era of BATHORY music-wise. Even the last song on the album titled "Day of Wrath" could be placed under this epic category as well. These 5 songs alone would have made a perfect BATHORY album for my taste. But since I have never understood why Quorthon ever did such mediocre blackish thrash metal albums like REQUIEM and OCTAGON - and where the remaining 8 songs from DOW should belong to more than better, I think I’ll never like this album as much as I liked those very albums I’ve constantly been mentioning here as the highlight albums of BATHORY. Besides, Quorthon should leave thrash metal to all these thrash merchants who have been churning it out for their entire lives and stick to that style where he’s definitely at his very best without any real compatible treat in sight; and That’s BATHORY’s overwhelmingly powerful “Viking Metal” which so many people love and adore more than anything else. At least I know I would be happy if he stayed on that (right) side of metal for the next couple of years or so ‘coz there’s simply no one who could do it any better or convincing way than Quorthon. Just none of us can achieve something what he has done in the terms of his own Viking Metal theme!! ALL HAIL Quorthon for that unique achievement - and hail the fuckin’ Hordes, too!!
Track Listing

01. Lake of Fire
02. Destroyer of Worlds
03. Ode
04. Bleeding
05. Pestilence
06. 109
07. Death from Above
08. Krom
09. Liberty & Justice
10. Kill Kill Kill
11. Sudden Death
12. White Bones
13. Day Of Wrath


Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg - Vocals, guitar
Kothaar - Bass
Vvornth - Drums

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