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Destroyer of Worlds
October 2001
Released: 2001, Black Mark
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

Viking Epic side : 4/5

Other side : 2/5

Quite some time has passed by since the totally re-recorded renewed re-mixed, but above all excellent Blood On Ice came out in '96. Destroyer of Worlds is the tenth studio album from Bathory in a row, well Quorthon's own solo efforts won't naturally be calculated by any manners.

After Twilight Of The Gods the godfather of the death/black metal somehow lost the control and was very badly in the Swedish forest with two amazing crap thrash albums "Octagon" and "Requiem". Obviously having learnt from mistakes and received a shit load of negative responds made Quorthon dig the old masters of Blood On Ice up to show there is still the viking's blood running in his wessels. It is obvious every hard core Bathory fan treasured that album like a jewel.

After keeping a five silent year Sabbath he finally got a new album out. Destroyer Of Worlds is a kinda mix of all kinds of various metal elements tied up to the same output. The first three tracks continue the guarantee Viking saga of which Bathory is known for on HammerHeart and Twilight. The melodic guitar riffs, chorus, epic harmony atmosphere all those elements have been featured on the earlier epic viking albums dominate the first three tracks and the fifth one also. But after getting used to the great epic approach I was expecting more tunes of the same kind, but the rest of the stuff totally surprised me more or less badly. The whole album takes a real huge u-turn, bringing back the thrash elements of Requiem and Octagon, but definitely with the better sound quality. Some of tracks based on the aggressive thrash approach deal with different types of topics from wars via motorcycles to ice hockey matches. Especially Liberty & Justice is kinda amusing as criticising the American society….Eehh… Quite different from everything what Quorthon has written before as I can't remember if Quorthon has written about social issues or motorbikes ever before…

To be honest I for one would have wanted to hear more tracks based the epic Viking approach with great chorus behind cos these faceless thrash tracks having with rock n' roll elements don't fit to the concept of Bathory's music known for both brutal nihilistic black metal and then epic Viking approach. Blood On Ice was great in every aspect, even though the sound quality wasn't that great, but convinced several fans to expect more material based on the epic approach. I personally think Bathory has already done all the great albums now.
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