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Bastard Priest
Under The Hammer Of Destruction
December 2010
Released: 2010, Pulverised Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Trust Pulverised Records to deliver the deathly goods. I’m on a little bit of a Swedish Death Metal kick these days (check out my review of Ekeroth’s excellent book, Swedish Death Metal) and Sweden’s Bastard Priest fit the bill nicely. Although the band have supposedly been around 10 years this is the bands first real kick at the can.

UNDER THE HAMMER OF DESTRUCTION is a bit of a mish-mash of older demo songs, re-recordings, new songs and so on, but unless you were acquainted with the band from the early days, you can’t really tell. 10 songs, plus the obligatory obscure cover and the whole album will pulverize you in a mere 34 minutes.

Bastard Priest bring a bit of crust/punk/grind, (however ya wanna label these sub-genres) to the predominantly Death Metal party, doing very well what was done once before, about 25 years ago. Again, don’t like the term retro but if you have to apply a label it would make sense in this case. It’s hard to say how old these dudes are but considering I was in my teens during the first wave, I imagine these guys were about 5 years old when LEFT HAND PATH came out. Nothing wrong with that! Age is irrelevant, as long as the spirit and inspiration is there. These two dudes (Matt Mendoza and Inventor) have nailed the look, the sound, the style…everything! This album is pretty damn brutal and heavy as hell. Lyrically they keep it simple, little slabs of descriptions of death, nothing too poetic. Lyrically they remind me a bit of Mortician, just sort of lists of death and such.

UNDER THE HAMMER OF DESTRUCTION is a excellent debut effort, with this young band full of promise, energy and enough blasphemic hate to appease most fans of quality Death Metal.
Track Listing

1. Blasphemy From Hell
2. Visions of Doom
3. Evil Pain
4. Total Mutilation
5. Power of Death
6. Chock
7. Under the Hammer of Destruction
8. From Beyond
9. Merciless Insane Death
10. Graveyard Sacrifice
11. En Hälsning från Helvetet


Inventor - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Matt Mendoza - Drums, Vocals



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