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Skin For Skin
October 2008
Released: 2008, Retroactive Records/Music Buy Mail/Artistworkxx
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Retroactive Records continues with releasing Christian metal. This time the Thompson brothers awaken their old band Bride. The band is about to follow up their latest album THIS IS IT from 2003. They have been around for quite a long time now and released their first album back in 1986.The band has had numerous members and their biggest fanbase is situated in the USA.

The music on SKIN FOR SKIN is nothing but melodic heavy metal with a few thrash parts here and there. The music is both technical and complex but the big negative thing with this is that the production and sometimes also the songs feel and sound too 80’s. Sometimes the album sounds like a left over from the 80’s instead of a brand new disc.

Singer Thompson has a wide vocal range that’s easy to the ears and he is backed up by skilled musicians with huge musical knowledge. The lyrics are about subjects like racism, war, evil in the world, sacrifice and love of one for all others. Dale Thompson has written the lyrics and Troy Thompson and Lawrence Bishop the music. Dale Thompson’s son Alex has written music and lyrics to the song “Hang On” which brings up the hard subject of suicide, however Alex couldn’t participate on the album because he served in the United States Air Force at that time. Despite the fact that the disc is pretty long, almost 60 minutes, it doesn’t feel long. There are a few songs that aren’t as good as the others and it’s those that drag down the rating. The ballads are too numerous and the Christian theme isn’t my favorite theme.

Killer tracks are “Skin For Skin”, “Take The Medication”, “Hard To Kick”, “Fuel And Fire”, “Bang Goodbye”, “Rise Above” and “Super Ego Star”. Another thing that doesn’t benefit the band is the production made by Rob Nadler. As I said earlier, it doesn’t feel fresh at all. I have nothing against the 80’s but when a production sounds as low budget as this it is not fun at all. This maybe appeals to the bands true fans but for me it doesn’t do much.
Track Listing

The Calm
Skin For Skin
End Of Days
Take The Medication
Inside Ourselves
Hard To Kick
Fuel And Fire
Prodigious Savant
Bang Goodbye
Rise Above
The Government
Super Ego Star
Hang On


Dale Thompson – lead vocals
Troy Thompson – guitar
Lawrence Bishop – bass

Jason Lewis – drums
Mark Gray – drums
Steve Osborne – lead guitar

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