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Honey From the B`s (Beasting Around The Bush) (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2007, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Brainstorms first DVD is quite the package. The packaging itself is housed in a translucent, plastic slipcase. I don’t like these because they scratch and bend easily. The case is supposed to protect the inside! It’s gorgeous but you have be extra cautious because the ink scratches off easily. Inside is a double fold-out, digipak style printed to make it look and feel like embossed metal. It’s really well done. The back/inside panels are printed bios and a cartoon drawing of each member. They are hard to read, you have to take the discs out to read them; they should have been printed in the booklet. It comes with a 3-panel booklet with not much except a few pictures and good descriptive liner notes. The package houses two discs that will run you over 5 hours if you sat and watched in one sitting! The title is really awkward, they should have just picked one of the two titles. HONEY FROM THE B’S: BEASTING AROUND THE BUSH LIVE just doesn’t run off the tongue. I’m not sure many people would get the AC/DC reference to ‘Beating Around The Bush’ anymore.

Disc One has two concerts one from Budapest in 2005 and the other from Wacken, Germany in 2004. The sound and picture quality are more than acceptable. The full concerts seem to be intact with the band firing on all cylinders.

Disc Two has more concert clips from around the world (USA, Greece, Hungary and Germany) and the highlight is probably the PowerProg appearance. The only disappointment is that the set is virtually identical to the Wacken set, but it is not shocking because both were filmed on the SOUL TEMPTATION tour that year. There is quite a bit of cross-over, there are three versions of many songs and even four live versions of ‘Shiva’s Tears’! The band included three videos, which are cool to see, I have never seen them before. The footage ranges from really grainy and poor amateur footage (back in Greece in 2000 with Andy in a cast and sling on stage on his first tour with the band) to more recent, modern multi-camera shots on bigger stages in Germany.

My favourite bonus segment was the 25 minute long documentary called (again poorly worded) ’From Nowhere To Now Here’. The documentary was well done, lots of old footage, stories of the old days, old clips. It followed the band from the very beginning in 1987 up to the time of song-writing for DOWNBURST.

I get the feeling that the band threw everything they had, videos, concerts, clips, into this ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ DVD. It has a disjointed feel, a clip from one concert, here, a video there and five hours running time it is a pretty massive collection but it is a great value and everything a Brainstorm fan could want. At the time of writing this is already six years old and the band have had three full albums since them, so if the fans are lucky they might do another DVD for their 25th Anniversary.
Track Listing

Disc 1

1. Intro / Worlds Are Coming Through
2. Blind Suffering
3. The Leading
4. Voices
5. Highs Without Lows
6. Medley: Lifeline / Shadowland / Tear Down the Walls
7. Inside the Monster
8. Trinity of Lust: Shiva's Tears
9. Fornever
10. Soul Temptation
11. All Those Words
12. Hollow Hideaway
13. Burns My Soul
14. Doorway to Survive
15. Under Lights
16. Shiva's Tears
17. Blind Suffering
18. Doorway to Survive
19. Voices
20. Fornever
21. The Leading
22. Highs Without Lows
23. Under Lights

Disc 2

1. Shiva's Tears
2. Blind Suffering
3. Crush Depth
4. Doorway to Survive
5. Voices
6. Hollow Hideaway
7. Fornever
8. The Leading
9. Highs Without Lows
10. Under Lights
11. Worlds Are Coming Through
12. Painside
13. Inside the Monster
14. All Those Words
15. Crush Depth (Athens)
16. Holy War (Thessaloniki)
17. Shiva's Tears (incl. traditional dance performance)
18. Worlds Are Coming Through
19. Invisible Enemy
20. Shadowland
21. Painside
22. Doorway to Survive (incl. Crowdsurf Andy B.)
23. All Those Words (La Grande Finale)
24. Brainstorm Bandhistory 1987 - 2007
25. Highs Without Lows
26. Doorway to Survive
27. All Those Words

Disc 1:

1. Live In Budapest 2005, Liquid Monster Tour
Mix: 5.1 & 2.0 (tracks 1-15)

2. Live At Wacken Open Air 2004, Soul Temptation Tour
Mix: 5.1 & 2.0 (tracks 16-23)

Disc 2:

1. Live In Atlanta, Soul Temptation Tour (tracks 1-10)

Part II: Live-Clip-Mix

2. Live at Sziget Festival 2006 (tracks 11-14)
3. Live In Greece 2000 (tracks 15-16)
4. Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2003 (track 17)
5. Live At Rock Hard Open Air (tracks 18-24)

Part III: History Part

6. Brainstorm Bandhistory 1987 - 2007 (track 25)

Part IV: Studio Clip Mix

7. Brainstorm promotional video-clips (tracks 26-27)





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