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Bullet Boys
Behind The Orange Curtain
July 2008
Released: 2008, Metal Mind Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Once regarded as a VanHalen rip off band largely due to the fact that singer Marq Torien looked and sounded slightly similar to DLR. Despite these comparisons and criticisms the band pushed forward and came into their own. This live show is a testament to some of the great songs they released over the years. The disappointing factor is that it is not really a Bullet Boys album as it is just the singer and 3 other musicians. Mick, Lonnie and Jimmy are not present so many fans (like myself) will find that aspect disappointing.

Even though we do not get the classic line-up we do in fact get the voice and some killer songs. The Roth-ism’s can easily be heard throughout the show especially in Torien’s stage banter. It’s track’s like “Hard As A Rock”, “Shoot The Preacher” and their cover of “Hang On St.Christopher” that just make you realize how underrated and overlooked they were. Marq has a pretty distinct voice which helps make Bullet Boys one of the more memorable bands from an era gone by

A fun, yet raw record that gives the listener a glimpse into how great the band really was. Let us hope the original classic 4 can get back together and give us some more great tunes in the future.
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