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Bones of Contention
Signs of Weakness
September 2000
Released: 2000, Broken Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Bones of Contention, (ph). 1. To make a point or issue; 2. Dissension; 3. To have quarrel with; 4. To have a bone to pick. The band Bones of Contention was formed in 1998 in Garden City, Michigan. The band consists of Lance Herber: drums, Ryan Hogan: vocals, Dave Karras: guitar and Eric Sisco: bass. The play a blend of straight ahead metal and thrash. Signs of Weakness is their first CD and they have since released a maxi single for the song Bloodlust. This release is only a 5 song E.P. so this review will be one of my shorter ones this month. The CD opens with the title track. It is a punk influenced track and has a nice tempo change right in the center which then cuts back to the main riff. "Fallen Prey" is a more traditionally influenced thrash track with some decent lead work by Karras. Bones of Contention also deal in down tuned guitars and do so on the next track "State of Empty". This is a groove based track that has a modern metal sound. "Shed No Tears" opens with a great little subdued intro and carries on in this subdued vein for most of the songs. It does kick into gear towards the end of the song and has some serious guitar shredding. One of the best songs on the disc. The CD closes with the track "Nemesis’ which is one of the fastest songs on the disc. This song is a real headbanger.

Bones of Contention sound like they have a way to go before they hit upon their winning formula. The production on this CD is typical demo type with the solos in particular being kid of thin. My biggest problem is with the vocals. They are very one dimensional and have a real punk sound which doesn’t do anything for me at all. Bones of Contention seem to be looking for their own sound and are on the road to finding it.
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by Rick

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