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Heading for the Top
May 2006
Released: 2006, Black Lodge
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Bullet is a debuting Swedish act that started out in 2001. The intention for the founding members Hell Hofer and Hampus was to create the world’s hardest heavy metal act ever. In 2002 when all the members were ready, the band recorded a demo in only 2 days which was given the name HEAVY METAL HIGHWAY. The following year saw the release of an MCD, SPEEDING IN THE NIGHT, which was released by a smaller label in Poland. The band started to play live and gained themselves a fanbase. Their manager got them a deal with Black Lodge during 2004 and the new CD was recorded last year.

Just by looking at the cover of the album you’ll se what kind of music Bullet plays, its 80’s heavy metal in the vein of AC/DC, old Judas Priest and the German legends Accept. They have huge similarities with all those bands both musically and vocally, because Hell Hofer sounds a lot like Brian Johnson or Udo, but instead of seeing them as a total rip off I see them as a tribute band to all the old heavy metal heroes from the 80’s.

The lyrics aren’t deep and profound; instead they have focused their songs about the essential things in life, at least maybe according to them. We’re talking about headbanging, babes, beers, bikes and cars (not necessarily in that order though) and the guys do it so good that you can only surrender and hail in front of these maniacs.

It’s really hard to find anything negative about Bullet’s brain damaging debut album and it’s also hard to pick any favorite songs but if I have to, I’d choose “Midnight Riders (Riding Free)”, “Turn It Up Loud”, “Heading For The Top”, “Hard Luck Lady”, “Rock Steady”, “Leather Love” and “Bang Your Head”.

Just take a look at some of the sales points the bio is listing, “This is the best album since BACK IN BLACK”, “The only band that plays music with style”, “Lenny Blade always looks good on all pictures”, well it’s up to you to decide weather you believe it or not.

Also available via Sound Pollution at
Track Listing

Midnight Riders (Riding Free)
Turn It Up Loud
Heading For The Top
Rambling Man
Hard Luck Lady
Speeding in The Night
One Deal With The Devil
Rock Steady
Leather Love
Raise Hell
Bang Your Head


Erik – lead guitar
Hampus – lead guitar
Hell Hofer – lead vocals
Lenny Blade – bass
Gustav – drums

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