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Brutal Truth
End Time
September 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Rarely have I been so excited to find a promo sitting in my inbox than I was to find END TIME, the latest grind masterpiece from the legendary Brutal Truth. Rather than emulate the super blitz that was 2009’s EVOLUTION THROUGH REVOLUTION, END TIME is a more “cerebral” collection of tunes. It’s still relentlessly fast, but the songs bear more personality and are given more of an opportunity to breathe than on previous releases. And yes, it’s some damn fine grind.

Choosing the sludgy “Malice” as an album opener was a bold statement from the band, that grind isn’t just about speed. The discordant, pounding noise under Kevin Sharp’s bellowed growl creates an air of musical punishment, and is quickly succeeded by the volley of “Simple Math,” “End Time,” and the delightful “Fuck Cancer.” The tunes are trademark Brutal Truth, but the discordant guitars and lengthier arrangements give them some much welcomed identity. END TIME has a running theme centered on the end of times (duh) at the hand of mankind, and the album bears plenty of the band’s social commentary. “.58 Caliber,” “Warm Embrace of Poverty,” “Killing Planet Earth,” and “Addicted” are all potent lessons on social conduct, while tunes like “Lottery,” “Twenty Bag” and “Trash” are a little more light hearted. The album closes with the 15-minute wall of noise “Control Room,” which should bring back pleasant memories of “Kill Trend Suicide” and “Prey” from earlier albums.

Do I really need to sell you on this one? It’s Brutal Truth, and it’s great. That’s all you really need to know. The band is arguably the best at what they do, and END TIME is another testimony as to why. When one of the longest running bands in the genre can redefine their own sound and still make it heavy and fast as f@$!, you know it’s good stuff. END TIME is available on September 27 through the fine folks at Relapse Records.
Track Listing

1. Malice
2. Simple Math
3. End Time
4. Fuck Cancer
5. Celebratory Gunfire
6. Small Talk
7. .58 Caliber
8. Swift And Violent (Swift Version)
9. Crawling Man Blues
10. Lottery
11. Warm Embrace Of Poverty
12. Old World Order
13. Butcher
14. Killing Planet Earth
15. Gut-Check
16. All Work And No Play
17. Addicted
18. Sweet Dreams
19. Echo Friendly Discharge
20. Twenty Bag
21. Trash
22. Drink Up
23. Control Room


Kevin Sharp – Vocals
Erik Burke – Guitars
Dan Lilker – Bass
Rich Hoak – Drums

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