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Broken Toyz
Out Of The Box
September 2002
Released: 2001, Indie
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: JP

Another great independent band from the US of A keeping the flame of true rock and metal alive! I should state my bias right up…I love this kind of melodic hard rock and metal as much as any other genre. I COULD (if I was being a jerk) tear this one apart for being unoriginal, unmotivated tired and cliché. However, it is important to note that despite a lack of originality to these veteran ears, there are very few bands doing this kinda kick-ass rock-metal anymore. So, in fact in a world horribly plagued by lame and derivative mallcore clones this IS original, if you get my drift.

The cover has a girl and a car! A great combo and the back has the boys, maybe showing their years a little sitting atop some pretty decent Harley’s and inside is this little demonic monkey toy. The production on these five original compositions is quite solid, nothing amazing, but no noticeable flaws either.

No lyrics are provided but the vocalist is loud, clear and completely comprehensible. How much importance you assign to lyrics may adjust your personal ranking of this CD up or down a notch accordingly. Three of these songs are about women, “She’s a Dancer”, Sexy Sadie” and “Evil Hearted Woman”. Do ya think these guys might have spent some time in strip clubs? The lyrical topics of the two remaining songs, “Into The Night and “High ‘n’ Dry” have both been done many, many times before by many many bands, but for me I am generally forgiving of these things, especially when they are done well as in this case.

Robert Sykes handles the vocals quite nicely his warm voice suits the style he has some range but I find lacked a little power, maybe coming off a little strained at times. I’ll bet when he is cutting loose on stage he sounds a little different. The musical core of the band are solid performers and the keyboards add a nice additional touch. They did not overuse the keys but I would prefer to see another guitar instead. Guitarist Bardooff seems quite restrained. He could have used a little more shred in his solos but that is a minor point.

Overall Broken Toyz write catchy songs, fun lyrics and rocking tunes make this a great disc. I’ll bet if they cut loose a little more they could make it to the next level. Visit them on the web at
Track Listing

1. She's A Dancer
2. Sexy Sadie
3. High 'n' Dry
4. Into The Night
5. Evil Hearted Woman


Robert Sykes-vocals
Chuck Bardoff-guitar
Bruce Shelton-bass
Brian Buesking-keys, guitar
Paul Vaughn-drums

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