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Brutally Deceased
Dead Lovers' Guide
February 2011
Released: 2010, Lavadome
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

If you are not a student of world history, the nation of the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) has had some enormous growth and development in the past decade. Joining NATO and the European Union and embracing democracy have all benefited the nation, especially (and most importantly for our purposes) the Metal scene. There has been a huge boom in the quantity and quality of Czech Metal bands in the past decade.

Brutally Deceased are a part of that wave (the NWOCDM? ha! ) are have delivered their debut disc of death. Founded a fee years back this quartet obviously grew up listening to Swedish Death Metal. DEAD LOVERS GUIDE follows the, dare I say, ‘formula’ for Swedish Death Metal. The band do a Dismember cover. The band reference Entombed in the liner notes. The classic buzzsaw guitar tone is immaculate. They have studied the masters well. I’ve never a person who values originality over execution, so the fact they sound just like many other bands doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I do appreciate and enjoy the relentless and crushing old school, Euro death on this album!

It’s a decent disc, with lyrics, liner notes and some live photos housed in a simple black and white package, not elaborate but good enough. The production is good no complaints and, although I might have liked the vocals a little more upfront in the mix, everything is balanced well. The vocals of Zlababa are pretty harsh and guttural and complement the tunes nicely. DEAD LOVERS GUIDE is a classic 33 minutes of brutality. They don’t really let up for one minute. Well executed, well played, well delivered, Brutally Deceased have a lot of potential.
Track Listing

1. Lustful Sodomy In The House Of God
2. Dead Lovers' Guide
3. Blissful Desecration
4. They Shall Feast
5. ...And Here I Die Forsaken
6. A Life Once Aborted
7. Demise of the Human Swine
8. All That Rots and Withers
9. Override of the Overture


Michal - Vocals
Tomáš Halama - Guitar
Burák - Bass
Štefy - Drums

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