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Buio Omega
Planet of Tombs
November 2009
Released: 2008, Battlegod Productions
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

We all love a raw, unpolished and unholy black metal – let´s say, ála Darkthrone, early Venom and Bathory and the like, don´t we? Baio Omega – this primitive and raw sounding Aussie black metal band that has been put together some 9 years ago by the label owner of Battlegod Productions Gorgoroth (also in Baltak), also seems to get some of his kicks from all those aforementioned black metal acts, which should a good thing. Right?

Baio Omega´s 3rd full-length album, PLANET OF TOMBS, certainly complies with almost all the necessary frames for a primitive, unholy, and unfortunately yet so boring and soulless black metal, simply not making me want to crush tombstones, desecrate graves, make human sacrifices, piss on the altar of Christian people – or just whatever. It lacks nearly everything that makes Darkthrone, or early Bathory albums so much more fun to listen to – and it just misses a lot of things that I expect to hear from a well-crafted black metal album. Most of all, it lacks the credibility and true essence of what black metal should be all about (the cheesy album cover – full of happy looking and bright colors, unfortunately doesn´t help them to achieve any credibility points either, I am afraid). This album certainly isn´t about the return of darkness and evil. It´s something else that I cannot put my finger precisely on, but it does not have that power to set me on fire and really dig the songs on the album. PLANET OF TOMBS just manages to sound dull and very uninspiring, without giving listeners much other feelings other than becoming irritated and frustrated.

Now return to serve your Satans with more convincing and credible black metal albums than what PLANET OF TOMBS can offer. Oh, last but not least, all the fuckin´ hails to early Bathory and Venom albums!
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Spawned by the Winds of the Black Death
03. Glacial Void
04. Buried by the Ashes of Sorrow
05. Wrecked and Destroyed
06. Planet of Tombs
07. Centuries of Cadavers
08. Sideral Terror
09. Outro


Gorgoroth - Vocals
Arck-An.666 (Arcanum Anima)- Bass
Morthum - Guitar
Daemonum - Drums

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